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Posted: April 22, 2014

Report Fraud, Waste through Whistleblower Hotline

Ethical Advocate accepts reports online and by phone.

Report fraud or waste at:

APS employees and the public can anonymously report fraud and waste through the district's whistleblower hotline, Ethical Advocate, at or 877-395-2782. They may also contact the APS Service Center.

Concerns that can be reported through the whistleblower hotline include

  • conflict of interest
  • questionable accounting or auditing practices
  • fraud
  • theft
  • embezzlement
  • improper use of district resources
  • safety issues
  • falsification of records or documentation
  • substance abuse
  • sabotage
  • vandalism
  • violation of state law, district policies or procedures.

Personnel issues are best handled through Human Resources, EEOC, and union representation.

The reporting should be done by someone who has witnessed the situation. Third-party reporting is inappropriate and rarely provides facts and documentation needed to resolve a problem.

APS Internal Audit suggests that efforts to resolve problems be made at the school or department level before the hotline is contacted. "Often times these issues can result from careless remarks, lack of understanding of a process, or misinterpretation of comments that have been passed through the grapevine," said Peg Koshimider, Director of APS Internal Audit.

Reports made through Ethical Advocate are confidential, and are sent to APS Internal Audit for investigation.Web users are assigned a password to keep the information they submit confidential. It’s important that they keep their password after making the initial report and check back frequently in case more information is needed. Because the report is made confidentially, it’s the only way for Internal Audit to follow up but maintain the user’s anonymity. Internal Audit also uses the system to report back when the investigation is completed.