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Posted: February 1, 2024

2024 Selfless Senior Spotlight: Laura Burianek

Meet Laura Burianek, the 2024 Selfless Senior of Nex+Gen Academy High School.

Courtesy of Frank Frost Photography

Courtesy of Frank Frost Photography

"My name is Laura Burianek and I am a 2024 graduate of Nex+Gen Academy. Giving back to my community has been an important part of my life both in and outside of school because of the positive impact it makes.

"Leaving the world a better place through my actions is like planting a seed. A seed of hope, helpfulness, and a brighter future, that I have the honor of watching grow into something bigger. Learning and growing with these seeds, and new ones soon to be planted, continues to be my greatest and most rewarding journey. I hope to inspire everyone to plant their very own garden of service."