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APS Community Clothing Bank Services

APS Clothing Bank services, referral information, and videos.

Providing students with:

  • New shoes (for students in URGENT need)
  • New socks or new underwear
  • Hoodie or light jacket
  • Student clothing through our partnership with Goodwill Industries of NM  
  • Coats through our community partners
  • Other services include: School Supplies, Career Wear, Prom Attire

How to place a referral

Any student or family member can go to the school counselor, nurse, or social worker to place a referral for new socks, underwear, and shoes, as well as a new or slightly used coat. 

The referral will be filled by the Clothing Bank and delivered to the school. Schools staff will get items to the students directly to ensure privacy.

Informational Videos

Does Your Child Need Clothes or School Supplies?

¿Necesita su hijo ropa o útiles escolares?

Con em quý vị có cần quần áo hoặc dụng cụ học sinh không?


آیا فرزند دانش آموز شما به پوشاک یا وسایل مدرسه نیاز دارد؟

Je, mwanafunzi wako anahitaji nguo au vifaa vya shule?

هل طالبك بحاجة إلى ملابس أو مستلزمات مدرسية

Families Connected

These videos are provided by Families Connected. Families Connected produces content to help families navigate APS, and to increase family engagement in their children's education. 

Visit Families Connected YouTube Channel for over 140 videos in English, Spanish, Swahili, Dari, and Arabic.