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JK Student Discipline

Albuquerque Public Schools shall strive to provide and maintain a safe, fair, affirmative, and appropriately challenging environment that promotes learning and positive personal growth. School discipline policies exist to ensure school safety and, through consistent application, contribute to the development of student success, accountability and responsibility.

No local school board shall allow for the imposition of discipline, discrimination or disparate treatment against a student based on the student's race, religion or culture or because of the student's use of hairstyles or cultural or religious headdresses. Racialized aggression, defined as any aggressive act that can be characterized, categorized or that appears as such to be racial in nature, is prohibited.

The district approach to student success reflects the Board of Education’s desire to work with students and school communities to understand and address  root causes of behavior, resolve conflicts, repair harm done, restore relationships and successfully sustain and reintegrate students into the school community. It is the responsibility of school and district staff to foster an equitable and equal learning environment that builds trust and fosters physical, psychological, and social/emotional safety.

Albuquerque Public Schools encourages parent/legal guardian involvement in matters of school discipline. Parents/legal guardians shall be advised of disciplinary and restorative measures taken to elicit their understanding and support. Schools shall maintain a record of disciplinary and restorative actions taken.

Exclusionary discipline (suspension and expulsion) shall not be used as punishment for absenteeism, tardies or student dress code. Schools shall strive to eliminate exclusionary discipline except when necessary to ensure school safety or the safety of other students, or as required by law. 

According to New Mexico state law, corporal punishment is prohibited in Albuquerque Public Schools.

Administrators shall use the procedures and options specified in the APS Handbook for Student Success and administrative procedural directive, or as written in state or federal laws.  The expectations and responsibilities in the discipline procedural directive and APS Handbook for Student Success is to create transparency for all stakeholders.

The board directs the Superintendent to create procedural directive, develop an aligned plan for training school staff on restorative approaches and positive school climate, and provide an annual report on the status of student discipline and school climate in the district.

Administrative Position:             

  • Chief of Schools
  • Associate Superintendents for Leadership and Learning
  • Assistant Superintendent of Equity and Support

Department Director:                      

  • Executive Director of Student, Parent, and Employee Service Center
  • School Principals
  • Senior Director of Equity and Engagement
  • Executive Director of Student, Family and Community Supports


Legal Cross Ref.:                                      

  • §22-5-4.3 NMSA 1978 
  • §22-12A-1 to §22-12A-14 NMSA 1978
  • §22-35-12 NMSA 1978

Board Policy Cross Ref.:                        

Procedural Directive Cross Ref:          

NSBA/NEPN Classification: JK

Revised: January 17, 1990
Revised: February 20, 1996
Revised: April 2001
Reviewed: September 13, 2010
Reviewed: October 11, 2010
Revised: November 3, 2010
Reviewed: October 11, 2016
Revised: October 19, 2016
Reviewed: September 16, 2020
Revised: September 16, 2020
Reviewed: June 16, 2021
Revised: June 16, 2021
Reviewed: June 6, 2022
Revised: June 15, 2022