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In order to make your video responsive across all devices, you need to make a few small additions to the embed code provided by YouTube. The Web Team can assist with this if needed.

  1. Wrap the iframe in a div with the class "resp-container"
  2. Give the iframe a class of "resp-iframe", and remove the width, height, and border. 
  3. Add a title to the iframe


"Teacher of the Month: Kim Dubbs" Transcript

Kim is a team player here at Sombra, she always has been, she volunteers to do student council and peer mediation she's always there for her if I need her if the staff needs her and she's really a teacher leader here at Sombra Del Monte. When I was growing up all my heroes were teachers and so, all my teachers that had a major impact in my life are still my friends to this day which is kind of cool, but I always looked at teaching and I thought it was so cool that those were the people that had such a big impact on children and when they’re, when they're growing up and they have all these great ideas, who's there to nurture all those ideas and help them grow. Kim is phenomenal and she builds a relationship with each one of her students in a way that's unknown because she also builds expectations so high and her kids rise to those expectations thing I want them to think of when they leave and they've moved on and they look back on 5th grade, I really want them to stop and think, you know I worked really hard in Mrs. Dubbs class but I had fun and I accomplished things that I didn't believe that I could when I first started in her class that's what I want to see for me I hope that when I look back that I've contributed to this next generation of students and made them critical thinkers with caring hearts,  so kids who will earn a dream big dreams and that are lifelong learners but they're always curious they always want to learn more they always want to take risks and so I hope that what we do in this fifth grade class carries on for the rest of their life and then they look back on that know that they were really cared about here they were loved and they were cared about and they were able to take risks they were safe to take risks. [Music]