Web Team News

Posted: October 14, 2011

Web Team to Begin School Website Migration

Ten Schools Chosen for Phase One

We, the Web Team, are beginning a project to unify and standardize all the regular and alternative APS school websites throughout the district. School Loop, the content management tool the district has chosen to run the sites, will enable APS to present a searchable, modern, and familiar website for every school in the district.

School Loop is a content management system designed specifically for schools. It allows school administrators and teachers to easily post and maintain information for easy access by parents and students.

Phase One Schools

The following schools have been chosen to participate in the first round of migrations in to School Loop, based on need, enthusiasm, quadrant, and board district:

  1. Alamosa Elementary, which hasn’t had a real website for over a year.
  2. Cibola High School,  where 52% of the teachers have classroom websites.
  3. Cleveland Middle School, which is unable to update its current website.
  4. Collet Park Elementary, which has no website at all.
  5. Eubank Academy Elementary, which is paying too much for its site.
  6. Freedom High School, which has no website at all.
  7. Hubert Humphrey Elementary, which is paying way too much for its site, and will be an excellent example for other schools, with 100% of their teachers using classroom sites.
  8. Lew Wallace Elementary, which has no website at all.
  9. School on Wheels, which has a PowerPoint presentation as a website.
  10. Tierra Antigua Elementary, which is eager to replace its static HTML site with something more communicative.

Already, we've had more than 50 schools apply to be in the first few migration phases (there will be a total of seven). "We're really excited about the enthusiastic response we've gotten from the school principals and technology coordinators," said Lesley Molecke, the Web Team Manager. "These new school sites are going to offer a consistent interaction with the district, and will serve as portals for parents to get school and district news all in one place."

More About the Tool

The tool will have many benefits for schools and teachers.

  • It’s Free for Schools - the design, migration, training, and maintenance of all the school websites will be supported by the district.
  • Feature-Rich Teacher Sites - teachers will have the ability to create free websites and will be given training and support by the district.
  • Consistent, yet Customizable Layout - all the school websites will have consistent layouts and content elements so parents will enjoy familiar site architecture and features from school to school and will always know where to find the information they need.
  • One Tool Throughout the District - if principals, technology coordinators, or teachers switch schools within the district, they won’t have to relearn a new tool.
    • This also means that tech coordinators can support each other better!
  • Emergency News and Weather Delay Notifications - emergency news and weather delay/cancellation notifications will be posted on school homepages.
    • For example: when there is a snow delay for APS, the Web Team will post notifications on the APS district website and the school homepages informing parents and students of delays and cancellations as they happen.
  • Web Team Support - the Web Team will have the ability to make needed changes to school sites when their webmasters are unavailable (or if they need help performing certain tasks).
  • File Sharing - staff will have the ability to log in and share files with other staff at their school, a different school, or at the district level.