Web Team News

Posted: August 15, 2017

Announcing the Launch of New APS Employee Intranet!

It's official! There's a new APS employee intranet in town.

To log in, just click on Employee Intranet (new) from the Employees on aps.edu or go to https://intranet.aps.edu

  • Your username is your employee ID#, eXXXXXX 
  • Your password is the one you use to access APS email.

The new layout will be a bit different from the old, so if you are looking for Logons:

    • Click Employee Resources from the top navigation
    • Choose Logons from the left navigation

There you will find the extensive list of logons such as Lawson and Winocular. And, if that weren't amazing enough, the new intranet can be accessed using mobile devices, on and offsite!                                                 

Though we are quite proud of what we've achieved, we haven't gotten too big for our britches just yet. There are still bugs to fix and kinks to iron out that will come as we continue to refine and update.

So go ahead, log into your new intranet!