School Bus Rules


  • Riding the school bus is a privilege
  • APS buses travel 34,000 miles daily. That is equal to going 1.37 times around the circumference of the earth daily!
  • Riding on a school bus is the safest form of student transportation "to and from" school!

General Information

  • APS provides bus transportation to high school students whose home address is more than two miles from school; to middle school students whose home address is more than one and one-half miles from school; and to elementary school students whose home address is more than one mile from school.
  • APS does not provide school bus transportation to transfer students.
  • The bus driver cannot change the bus route.
  • The driver cannot accept any notes authorizing them to drop off students at a point other than the students regular stop.

General Rules

  • Students will be picked up and dropped off only at their assigned stops.
  • The school bus will leave the school bus loading zone seven minutes after the bell rings in the afternoon.
  • Middle and High School Students are required to show their school identification cards upon request.
  • The school bus driver will assign seats to students.

Safety Practices

  • Students need to be cautious in the bus loading zone.
  • A school bus driver will not stop for students who have missed the bus once it is in motion.
  • No glass items, live animals, or dangerous objects will be transported on the school bus.
  • Items exceeding 40 inches in height will not be allowed on the bus.
  • Large items may not block the aisle or exits of the bus.

Student's Responsibilities

  • Arrive at the bus stop 10 minutes before stop time.
  • Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop and the doors are opened before approaching the bus.
  • Use the handrail. Be careful that no clothing or belongings get caught on the handrail.
  • Sit in their assigned seat.
  • Sit on the seat facing forward, feet on the floor, and speak in a normal tone of voice.
  • Follow the driver's directions promptly.

Discipline Plan

  • The principal/designee at the school will address referrals from bus drivers according to their school bus discipline plan.
  • The principal/designee has the authority to suspend a student from the bus and determine the length of the suspension.
  • Severe disruption and dangerous behavior will result in immediate suspension of school bus privileges.
  • All rules listed in the APS Student Behavior Handbook will apply on the school bus.
  • Concerns can be addressed with your school administration, the school bus contractor or Student Transportation Services (STS).

Special Needs Transportation

  • Special needs transportation will be provided according to terms identified in a student's Individualized Education Plan (IEP).
  • Communication between a student's school bus driver and their parent/guardian is encouraged so that the student's IEP plan is implemented effectively.
  • Transportation forms must include all information to ensure safe transportation of students.