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Alphabet Alley Preschool

Alphabet Alley Preschool

Cristal Wilson               Pre-K Teacher                  505-256-8239 x46912    

Preschool Playground

Alphabet Alley serves children ages 3-5 whose families live in temporary accommodations and offers:

  • NM Pre-K
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • A traditional school year schedule
  • Inclusive educational environment
  • Instruction by a certified teacher and experienced educational assistant
  • Enrollment support for other preschool programs as families find long-term housing
  • Health and dental screenings

The Alphabet Alley Preschool program has been in place for many years.  The philosophy of the program gives homeless preschool children and their families the opportunity to participate in a positive learning experience, free from outside stress, where they are able to find success through encouragement, interaction, commitment, and support.  The program offers a hands-on, interactive, and integrated curriculum where young children are able to learn best through play.  Children have the time and opportunity to learn and have fun in a safe and nurturing environment.

Community involvement is an integral part of the program.  Community learning and volunteers offer an important and exciting educational experience for the children.