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Math 180

Title I schools provide math intervention programs for eligible students. Students that score significantly below their grade level peers may be referred by their classroom teacher for diagnostic assessment and possible inclusion in Title I intervention programs.

What is Math 180?

Math 180 is an intensive Layer 2/ Layer 3 intervention program designed to meet the needs of students performing 2 grades below grade level. The program directly addresses individual needs through adaptive instructional software and direct instruction in essential skills and concepts necessary to unlock algebra and advanced mathematics (blended learning model).

How does Math 180 help students?

Math 180 supports student learning by:

  • Pinpointing Gaps and provides targeted feedback:  Digital supports help students work through challenges while individualized technology provides immediate feedback specific to student’s errors, fostering comprehension to build a sense of success.
  • Establishing a safe learning community:  Daily blended learning provides face to face time with an attentive teacher who can build productive relationships and support academic growth.
  • Engaging and supporting students in small groups:  Daily small-group learning gives students the opportunity to develop deep relationships with their classmates and teacher through focused academic interaction and collaboration.
  • Delivering real-time data:  Technology collects real-time performance data to digitally diagnose learning needs to allow the teacher to provide targeted differentiated instruction.
  • Promoting curiosity and connections:  Blended learning offers individualized and group investigations that promote curiosity and knowledge building.  Daily social and academic interactions develop interpersonal skills students will use in college and careers.
  • Reinforcing growth mindset:  Technology and teacher consistently support development of a growth mindset by celebrating effort and persistence providing informed choices and guiding students to take ownership of learning as the take on new levels of challenge.

Professional Development and Support

Principals and teachers at Title I schools are notified by the District Title I office of the specific opportunities.

The professional development includes:

  • Math 180 teachers will participate in 3 professional learning sessions provided by the district.
  • A district Resource Teacher is available to support Math 180 teachers and staff.
  • Throughout the school year, online coaching sessions will be available for teachers to attend.

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