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Double Reaction

Double Reaction Program pairs middle and high school students and their parents with the same book and allows them the opportunity to discuss and interact with the book they have selected.

Contact Info:

Amesha N. Griego
Phone: (505) 253-0330, Ext. 67007
Fax: (505) 880-3997

Physical Address:
912 Oak Street SE Albuquerque, NM 87106 Map:
Building M - Title I

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the school need to do?
Please keep records of parents/students receiving books.  Turn in completed Double Reaction form to Title I (or a copy of the form, parents may want to keep the original)
Can the school change any of the guiding questions?
Yes, and please share questions that are well received.
What if the parent/student move away and do not complete the Double Reaction form?
The books are given to Title I parents and students so they can enjoy this new partnership through reading. If parents do not want to complete the book or move away, the school is not responsible for collecting the books. (Title I requires just the sign-in list to be sent back, once the books are given to the family.)
Can parents/students respond in languages other than English?
Yes, especially if they have selected books in Spanish to read.
What language books are available?
At this time only English and Spanish books are available.

Ordering Information:

  1. Ordering Option 1: Inter-Office Mail
    • Send order form to Title I Parent Involvement
      (Allow 2 to 4 days to process orders)
  2. Ordering Option 2: Fax
    • Fax order form to (505) 880-3997, attention: Amesha Griego
      (Allow 2 to 4 days to process orders)
  3. Ordering Option 3: Walk-In
    • Located at Lincoln Complex (912 Oak St. SE),
      Title I Building M

Download supporting documents:

Double Reaction Book Bag

Double Reaction Book Selection

  • Books listed may no longer be available. The website will be updated periodically.
  • Books are available in a wide range of reading levels. We cannot order specific titles due to the cost.

These sixty titles are brought to you by APS Title I. APS Title I is a team dedicated to providing the highest quality service and support to eligible school communities under Title I guidelines. Instead of scrolling through all of the books choose a category below:

English Titles

English Titles: Two (2) books per title. Book covers may vary from the images below.
Book No.Book CoverTitle
197 Plunked
198 Ajeemah and His Son
199 No image
Brain Quest – Hispanic America
850 Questions & Answers About People, Cultural, & Lang.
200 No image
How to Rule the School
*Originally published as
Crown Me, by Kathryn Lay
201 Puppies, Dogs, and Blue Northers
202 Bluford High:
Matter of Trust
203 Bluford High:
Lost and Found
204 Bluford High:
205 Bluford High:
Secrets in the Shadows
206 Bluford High:
Blood is Thicker
207 Bluford High:
Someone to Love Me
208 Bluford High:
Until We Meet Again
209 Spy High Mission One
210 Hank Zipzer:
Dump Trucks and Dogsleds: I'm on My Way Mom
211 Hank Zipzer:
My Secret Life as a Ping Pong Wizard
212 The Great Fire
213 Beast Quest: Ferno the Fire Dragon
214 Pictures of Hollis Woods
215 Brian's Hunt
216 Kaya's Escape! Book 2
217 Puppy Parenting
218 The Dark Pond
219 I'm nobody! Who are you?
220 Lirael
221 Air Raid - Pearl Harbor!
222 Heartland: True Enough
223 A Strong Right Arm
224 Blown Away!
225 Jackie's Nine
226 The Glory Field
227 Red Scarf Girl
228 The Dark is Rising
229 Loamhedge
230 Maximum Ride
231 Rosa Parks: My Story
232 Sorry. This item is temporarily out of stock. AVI I Witness Iron Thunder
233 My Side of the Mountain
234 Sorry. This item is temporarily out of stock. Firehorse
235 Night of the Howling Dogs
236 Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat
237 Escape to Freedom
238 Harry Potter and the Chambers of Secrets
239 The Fugitive Factor
240 Of Sound Mind
241 Malcom X
242 Guests
243 Call Me Maria
244 Heir Apparent
245 Stormbreaker
246 My Dad's A Punk
247 Good-bye Mr. Chips
248 The Edge on the Sword
249 Jacob Have I Loved
250 The Boxcar Children:
The Mystery at the Dog Show
251 Anne Frank:
Trailblazers of the Modern World
252 The Boxcar Children:
The Mystery of the Lost Village
253 No image
Rosa Parks
Trailblazers of the Modern World
By Marc Tyler Nobelman
254 The Boxcar Children:
The Pizza Mystery

Spanish Titles

Spanish Titles: Two (2) books per title. Book covers may vary from the images below.
Book No.Book CoverTitle
255 El Joven y el Mar
256 Mi Rincon en la Montana
257 Ida B

Bilingual Titles

Bilingual Titles: Two (2) books per title. Book covers may vary from the images below.
Book No.Book CoverTitle
258 The Surrender Tree/
El arbol de la rendicion