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Extended Day Academic Program

Contact Information:

(505) 253-0330 ext.67013

OST Assignment List 18-19 (Title I Budget Technicians)

Physical Address:
912 Oak Street SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Building M - Title I

Extended Day Academic Program (EDAP) is a Title I funded program that provides activities that enrich academic skills.

Students in EDAP are engaged in activities that focus on math, reading, writing and science, media and games with Common Core State Standards.

At the beginning of each semester, students are recruited into EDAP clubs at each grant funded school site. Posters, fliers, announcements and information on school websites inform students and parents of the clubs that will be offered, when they will meet, and sign-up procedures.  Site administrators, teachers, students and parents work together to find programs that suit the individual needs of the students and enhance learning.

Math Club

What does the research say about out of school time?

  • Improved student behavior, motivation and achievement (from 2013 Year-End Survey results)
  • Improved relationship of teachers and students during the time outside the regular school day
  • Improved classroom attendance

Participating Schools 2019-20


Alameda -- Alamosa -- Carlos Rey -- Chelwood -- Dolores Gonzales -- Duranes -- Edward Gonzales -- Emerson -- Helen Cordero -- Kirtland -- Kit Carson -- La Mesa -- Los Ranchos -- Lowell -- MacArthur -- Mary Ann Binford -- Mission Avenue -- Montezuma --  Navajo -- Pajarito -- Reginald Chavez -- Susie Rayos Marmon -- Tomasita -- Valle Vista


Garfield -- Hayes -- Jimmy Carter -- John Adams -- Kennedy -- McKinley -- Polk -- Van Buren -- Washington -- Wilson

Guitar Club

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Are the Extended Day Academic Program clubs taught by certified teachers?
      Yes. Highly qualified teachers conduct the clubs. Some teachers have educational assistants working with them as well.
    2. My child is tired of doing the same thing all day. Are the EDAP clubs different?
      The clubs often provide hands-on activities that combine math, reading and science.
    3. Is attendance required?
      The EDAP activities are voluntary, but most students find themselves happily involved in learning, and enjoy the extra time after school, so they attend regularly.
    4. Will the activity leaders help my child with homework?
      The EDAP clubs are intended to provide extended learning activities, but not to help with homework. Many of the activities address the same skills, but homework is done at home or with assistance from other sources.