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Reading Intervention Teacher Professional Development

Reading Intervention Teacher Professional Development

The Title I Elementary Reading Intervention Teacher Professional Development Program is offered to Title I Reading Intervention teachers who provide direct supplemental intervention instruction to identified students. The program includes large group district professional development sessions with lesson sharing, text study, and ongoing individual school site-visits.  Participants study reading research and implement research-based supplemental reading intervention instruction to increase student achievement.

Professional Development Objectives:

  • Study Evidence-Based Reading Instruction/Science of Reading
  • Implement Supplemental Reading Instruction to increase student achievement

Professional Development Framework:

  • Monthly District Professional Development Sessions
  • Ongoing Individual School Site-Visits
  • Consultation and Collaboration with Teachers and Administrators

Professional Development Content:

  • RTI/MLSS - Response to Intervention/Multi-layered Systems of Support
  • Evidence-Based Intervention Instruction
  • Reading Assessment:  Screening, Progress Monitoring, Benchmark, Formative, Summative
  • Teaching Reading: Equity for All Learners
  • Text-Based Study of Reading Research
  • Communication Skills and Strategies When Working With Classroom Teachers