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Elementary Reading Intervention

Title I schools provide reading intervention instruction for eligible students.

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Building M - Title I

Students who score significantly below their grade level peers may be referred by their classroom teacher for diagnostic assessment and possible inclusion in Title I intervention programs.

Eligible students receive supplementary intervention instruction in addition to the general classroom core reading curriculum. The supplementary instruction is based on student need with targeted, explicit, systematic, and intensive instructional strategies and skills. The goal is to accelerate reading growth and improve students reading achievement.

Parents and Community

What is reading intervention instruction?
Intervention instruction is provided to students who are lagging behind their classmates in the development of critical reading skills. This instruction will usually be guided by a specific intervention program that focuses on one or more of the key areas of reading development. Content includes: phonemic awareness, sound-symbol correspondence, patterns and conventions of print, morphology, syntax and semantics.  Teachers provide explicit, systematic, intensive, hands-on, engaging instruction, to lead to enhanced learning.  This type of instruction is needed by only a small minority of students in a classroom.

Intervention instruction is designed to meet a student’s specific learning needs while at the same time accelerating their growth toward grade level reading proficiency. Reading intervention instruction is supplemental instruction and is delivered in addition to grade level core reading instruction.

    What intervention programs are available for striving readers?
    Individual Title I schools build site-based programs to address the needs of their student population. A variety of reading intervention programs are implemented. They may include:

    • Fundations Intervention Workshop
    • Benchmark ELA, Steps to Advance
    • Benchmark ELA, Spring Forward
    • Istation - Reading Resources
    • i-Ready - Ready Reading