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Technology Vision & Mission


We are a team that is committed to excellence in providing world-class innovative products and services that meet the needs of the total APS community, ensuring that students will be college and career ready.


We do this by:

  • Raising expectations and performance in the areas of teaching, learning and administration.
  • Enhancing instructional and administrative initiatives through effective technology, proactive teamwork and collaboration.
  • Assuring that strategic applications of technology become an integral part of the instructional and management/communicative processes at every school each day.

Core Values


We are a department that is defined as an organization that engenders reliance based on the character of its team ability, strength, and truth of business practices; honoring all commitments/obligations and treating others with the utmost respect and courtesy.


We uphold the ideals of the I.T. Department as set forth by management and shall cooperate with our fellow workers by communicating with honesty and treating them with respect at all times.  We will guard our students' and employer's interests and safety and advise them wisely and honestly, being held to the highest level of accountability.


In recognition of our obligation to APS and the community at large, we will consistently share our knowledge with others and present factual and objective information to the best of our ability.  We will present information in a fair, honest and objective manner.  We believe transparency promotes accountability.

Operational Values

We are a responsible, professional and collaborative team that is competent, knowledgeable and committed to providing the highest level of services in an effective and efficient manner.  We strive to achieve and maintain excellence through proactive and forward thinking in our planning and implementation strategies.  We believe in being approachable, informative, respectful, helpful and trustworthy.  We dedicate ourselves to maintaining the highest level of personal and professional integrity.


We believe in working daily with stakeholders to gather information toward building a team focused on student achievement. We recognize that only by working closely with students, parents, staff and community can we achieve our goals.


We are constantly striving to build and improve our network, data and web services to provide high availability, redundancy, security and a consistent quality of service in order to improve the quality of education, communication, safety and operational services for students and staff.


We take full responsibility in maintaining, deploying, and integrating the best technology services and practices for our customer base.