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Staff & Faculty FAQs

APS Information Technology Staff and Faculty Password Change Frequently Asked Questions.

When will I have to change my APS password by?
You must change your password before February 1, 2017. You can change it anytime before that date and will not have to do so again until prompted by the system.
How often do I have to change my password?
You can change your password as often as once a day, but the system requires you to change it every 180 days. If you need to change your password for security reasons more than one time in a day, you must call the Service Desk at 505-830-8080.
Is the password case sensitive?
Yes, the password is case sensitive. The system recognizes upper case letters as upper case, and lower case letters as lower case. For example, it reads “A” as “A” and “f” as “f”.
Can I use my employee ID as part of my password?
No, this is not a valid password and won’t work.
Do I have to call Service Desk to change my password?
No, you can go to at any time and change your password. You can also set up your profile there to better secure your digital identity. You can also place a service ticket at our self-service website Cherwell.
Should I set up my profile on
Yes, we recommend setting up you profile to better secure your digital identity.
Who else should have my password?
Keep your password secure by memorizing it and being the only one who knows it. No one else should ever be given access to your password.
What are security questions in the profile used for?
In case you forget your APS password or lock yourself out of the system, go to Click “Unlock Account,” enter your APS employee ID, enter your answers to the established security questions to verify your identity. Your account will be unlocked. Only you know which questions you selected and the answers you entered.
I forgot my password. What do I do now?
Click the “Change Your Password?” link at Enter your APS user ID, if you set up a profile already answer the questions. Click Verify to continue. If you did not setup your profile, follow the prompts.
Are the security questions case sensitive?
No, the security questions are not case sensitive. Upper and lower case letters are recognized as the same letter. For example, “A” and “a” are both read as the letter A.
I locked myself out of APS. Can I reset my password?
Yes. If a computer is available, you can go to Click the “Change Your Password?” link. Follow prompts and change your password. You can also call Service Desk (505) 830-8080
When I call the Service Desk, will I have to enter any information?
Yes. When you call, the system will ask you to enter your user ID.
Can I call the Service Desk to reset my password?
Yes. When you call, the system will ask you to enter your user ID and someone can help walk you through the process.
I forgot the answers to my security questions. Can the Service Center tell me what they are?
Yes, they can help you reset your password and reset your profile.
I use Lawson, will this system be affected by the change?
Yes, you will also need to change your Lawson account password and your regular Active Directory account password. Please contact Business Systems for further information.
I’m a new employee. How do I log in to the APS network for the first time?
If you have not received your information from HR yet, please call the Service Desk.