2020 Elementary K5+ Summer Program

Elementary K5+ is a free enrichment program offered at six of our elementary schools for students entering kindergarten through fifth grade.

What is the Elementary K5+ Program?

K5+ is a 25-day summer program for elementary students at high-need schools that emphasize literacy, math, art, music, science literacy and social skills.

Students who take advantage of the 25 bonus instructional days have more time to devote to studies that can greatly benefit them in the years ahead.

The program’s purpose is to help narrow the achievement gap between disadvantaged students and other students. It also aims to increase cognitive skills, help improve test scores and provide summer enrichment experiences.

K5+ Sites, Contacts, and Schedule

Public K5+ Sites

All summer school sites will be closed July 3rd for the holiday.

Public K5+ Sites and Contacts
Participating SchoolsSummer School SiteSummer School Principal and ContactProgram Dates & Times
Carlos Rey Carlos Rey

Judy Touloumis


June 5 - July 10

8:00-2:20 Mon-Fri

Emerson Emerson 

Antonio Medina


June 12 - July 17

8:00-2:20 Mon-Fri

Hodgin Hodgin

Kimberly Woodley 


June 12 - July 17

8:00-2:20 Mon-Fri 

Lavaland  Lavaland 

Susan Neddeau 


June 12 - July 17

8:00-2:20 Mon-Fri

Longfellow Longfellow

Richard Ulibarri


June 12 - July 17

8:00-2:20 Mon-Fri

Painted Sky Painted Sky

Sallie Oden


June 12 - July 17

8:00-2:20 Mon-Fri

Wherry Wherry

Aimee Sewell


June 12 - July 17

8:00-2:20 Mon-Fri

Charter K5+ Sites


Program dates and times will vary depending on the site. Please call the charter school for more information.

All summer school sites will be closed July 3rd for the holiday.

Charter K5+ Sites and Contacts

Participating SchoolsSummer SiteSitting Principal and ContactProgram Dates & Times
Christine Duncan
Heritage Academy

Christine Duncan 
Heritage Academy

Jesus Moncada


July 7 - August 8 

8:30 - 4:00 Mon - Thurs

Mountain Mahogany

Mountain Mahogany

Lori Webster


June 18 - July 24 


Native American
Community Academy

Native American 
Community Academy

Zane Rosette


June 5 - July 10 

9:00 - 3:30 Mon - Fri


Who is eligible for K5+

Your student must be an INCOMING elementary student, from kindergarten through fifth-grade. The program is open to incoming elementary students who attend a PED approved participating K5+ school. 


When and Where to Register

Contact your student's principal to determine whether your school is participating in the K5+ program and to access registration information or download the Parent Letter of Intent below and give to your child's school Principal.

Download the Parent Letter of Intent:

Alternative Calendar dates: June 5 - July 10
Traditional Calendar dates: June 10 - July 17

Registration Deadline

The registration deadline is May 22, 2020, at your child's school.  

Program Information


Any student who rides the bus during the regular school year will be afforded transportation.

Please note: bus routes will not run on the normal school year bus schedule there will be abbreviated stops.  See bus schedule below for your summer school stop. 


Bus routes will be posted here as they become available. 


We are required by the NMPED to monitor your child's progress using the following tools:

  • Kindergarten Progress Monitor: Kindergarten Observation Tool (KOT)
  • Grades 1-5 Progress Monitor: iStation

Please watch the iStation webinar for instructions about how to read the student summary report, which will help improve their child's current level and progress.

Before and After School Programs

Before and After School Providers
School NameProviderContact Information
Carlos Rey  CABQ Playgrounds 505-767-5885
Emerson  TBD TBD
Hodgin  CABQ Playgrounds 505-767-5885
Lavaland CABQ Playgrounds 505-767-5885
Longfellow CABQ Playgrounds 505-767-5885
Painted Sky  CABQ Playgrounds 505-767-5885
Wherry  CABQ Playgrounds 505-767-5885

Please contact the provider directly for more information.

APS District Office Contacts

You may direct general information requests to Charmaine Sanchez (Elementary Summer School Specialist) at  or ElemSummerProgram@aps.edu.  

Include your name, phone number, student's name, grade, and school.