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Local, statewide, regional, and national scholarships, as well as scholarship search engines and financial aid information.

Scholarship Listings

Scholarship Listings Google Sheet Scholarship Feedback Form 

We've collected a series of scholarship opportunities to help our students attend college. This information is reviewed every year. Application deadlines, requirements, and amounts are subject to change.

If you find information is no longer current or would like to suggest a scholarship, please complete the Scholarship Feedback Form

Download a Copy

We welcome you to make a personal copy of the spreadsheet: 

  1. Click Scholarship Listings Google Sheet
  2. Choose File
  3. Click Download as
  4. Select your preferred format (Microsoft Excel, PDF, etc.)
  5. Check your Downloads folder in your browser or computer for your copy

Talk to Your Counselor

Talk to your school counselor if you have questions about any of the following:

  • Scholarship opportunities
  • School-specific scholarships
  • Application process
  • More help with locating scholarships or colleges

Additional Scholarships & Financial Aid

New Mexico College Scholarships

Additional Heritage Scholarships

National Scholarship Listings

Scholarship Search Engines

Financial Aid

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