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Student, Family, and Community Supports News

Posted: August 23, 2023

APS "Healthy Knights Health Fair" at Del Norte High School on Sept 28th!

Learn more about the "Healthy Knights Fall Festival" featuring support for those in need, plus immunizations, vaccines, health education, band performances, prizes and more!

Del Norte HS Event Flyer

Del Norte HS Event Flyer

Want to see if you qualify for reduced-cost or free healthcare, or need extra support?

Everyone is welcome to the APS "Healthy Knights Fall Festival" at Del Norte High School, featuring support for those in need, plus immunizations, vaccines, health education, band performances, prizes and more!

Join us during this free event which will be held at Del Norte High School, from 3:30 p.m. - 7 p.m. on Thursday, September 28, 2023. Del Norte High School is located at 5323 Montgomery Ave NE
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This event is for the entire community, so all are welcome (even those not associated with APS.) The event will be held in the MAIN GYM at Del Norte (look for signage.) Some events may also be held outdoors for safety.

The free community event will include:

  • On-site Medicaid, SNAP (food stamps), LIHEAP (energy assistance) and TANF (cash assistance) enrollment (bilingual staff also available)
  • beWellnm Representatives providing information on financial assistance and education for affordable health insurance options
  • Information about Medicare and other supports
  • FREE school-aged vaccinations by VFC
  • Health resources & information
  • Covid vaccines
  • Immunizations via NMDOH, for students (including required immunizations for K-12, such as measles, varicella, hepatitis, polio, DTaP and more) as well as additional required immunizations from 7th-12th grade entry
  • Hourly prize giveaways
  • 'Grab & go' snacks and refreshments
  • Plus much, much more!

Presbyterian, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Western Sky Community Care will also be on site, along with local healthcare providers and organizations, to answer questions and provide support to families and staff. A Medicare specialist will also be available to help those with questions regarding Medicare options.

Healthcare enrollment experts will be on site to help enroll families or individuals in Medicaid, answer questions and provide emergency cards to both adults and kids (some conditions apply). At the ISD office it may take several hours to get enrolled; at APS events, families can get enrolled in less than an hour. We highly encourage all APS families and staff to attend if you are still uninsured and/or struggling financially. Medicaid can also be used as a secondary insurance.

To expedite on-site Medicaid enrollment, please bring...

  • proof of citizenship
  • immigration status or tribal enrollment
  • a photo ID
  • proof of residency
  • proof of all household income, including benefits (for past month)
  • current insurance information and/or recent unpaid medical bills

Non-citizens may be eligible as well. For recertification, only new proof of income along with a picture I.D. is required. We may not need all of the above documents to enroll, but we highly encourage clients to bring them since their case may be expedited if all documents are provided at time of enrollment.

“Because health-related issues can be barriers to learning, APS is working on ways for students and families to be healthier,” said Brian Bolding, Medicaid enrollment coordinator in the APS Student, Family, and Community Supports Division. “We at APS believe that a healthier student is a more successful student.”

For further information call the APS Medicaid Enrollment Office at 855-5261.

Spanish speaking families may contact 855-9820 for bilingual assistance.

Eligibility of Medicaid Coverage by monthly income & family size
Number of people in familyIf you make less than this you qualify for Expanded Adult Medicaid CoverageIf your family makes less than this amount you may qualify for Children’s Medicaid Ages 0-19
1 $1,616/month $2,916/month
2 $2,186/month $3,944/month
3 $2,756/month $4,972/month
4 $3,325/month $6,000/month