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Honors and Recognitions

Posted: May 17, 2013

Shirley Ulibarri, Hawthorne ES

Shirley Ulibarri started her career as an educational assistant in Roswell, where she helped teach math to migrant workers’ children.

When Shirley and her family moved to Albuquerque, she attended T-VI while working as an educational assistant at Jackson Middle School. She then moved to Kennedy Middle School, where she worked as a special education assistant for Doug McVicker. While at Kennedy, she served as a member of the School Improvement Team and the PTA.

Shirley worked as an EA for David D’Antonio for five years before resigning to go to UNM full-time. After graduating from UNM, she worked for a year at Head Start, the moved to Los Padillas Elementary to teach English as a second language. While at Los Padillas, Shirley served as SRC chair and as a member of the bilingual team.

After five years at Los Padillas, she moved to Hawthorne Elementary, where she taught third through fifth grade. While working at Hawthorne, Shirley served on several committees including Literacy Goal Team; goal team chairwoman for Parent Involvement; and SAT. Shirley also served as the Title I Homeless Project coordinator for two years.

She has enjoyed her years in education and has met many wonderful educators, parents, and people in the educational field.

Shirley wants to express her thankfulness for the opportunities to learn and have fun, and for all of the help that she has received throughout her career as an educator.  She is also thankful for the trust that was given her to teach the next generation. Shirley has been a valuable asset to the Hawthorne community.

To show a small token of appreciation, a reception will be held in her honor on Thursday, May 16 from 2:45-4 p.m. at Hawthorne.

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