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Employee Wellness News

Posted: September 6, 2023

September 2023 Employee Wellness Newsletter

Your Benefits Integrated! APS Employee Wellness Fair information, new Hinge Health for muscle and joint pain relief, and more wellness in the news.

Wellness Wire - Amazing Integration

It takes thirteen muscles to transform a sullen face into a smile.

To perform a proper squat you'll need to engage - in some way - anywhere between 6-10 muscles and no less than six joints.

 We may not consider the multitude of processes that happen simultaneously to keep us happy, fit, functioning and alive. Our miraculous autonomic nervous system allows us to breathe, our hearts to beat and our bodies to function through eating and digestion without us really even thinking about it. When we woke up this morning, our eyes opened, we most likely took a big deep breath and a luxurious stretch and experienced a minuscule increase in resting heart rate (unless you were running late;). There is a seamless integration of internal systems that happens when we awaken, swing our legs out of bed, grab some magical morning elixir, and face the day.

Even before we take that breath, make that step, brace our core, hinge our hip, or slurp that coffee - our brain does something amazing. In an undetectable millisecond, it sends a signal.

A similar process happens in our organization. There are people working behind the scenes for the purpose of the district. Transportation, Food and Nutrition, Maintenance and Operations, custodial staff, APS Police Department, the IT folks, principals, teachers, and staff. Up early, laying the foundation, setting daily processes in motion. It may appear each one is operating autonomously but those are intentional, conscious, synchronous actions. Done with the intention for a whole district of students to have the ability to come to school, be well-fed, and learn in a safe environment. Another, truly, amazing feat.

We’re actually hard-wired for integrated functionality on every level - body, mind, spirit, work, and community.

We don’t exist well in isolation. Yet so many times life situation fatigue and dissatisfaction, chronic illness, injury, and depression can trap us in silos and create barriers to wellness.  If we’re not functioning well on the inside, it manifests on the outside. When a piece of the whole is weak, ill, injured, or off-kilter we feel it; internally and organizationally. 

Which is why it only makes sense we have an integrated Benefits plan. Care solutions connected to enable holistic health and well-being. Systems engaged in synchronous performance for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This includes background processes and outreach through phone calls, emails, and collaboration between health plan vendors and other point solutions. All are blended and happening without your direct, conscious awareness but definitely with your needs and wellness in mind.  

 We invite you to learn more about Your Benefits Integrated at the APS Employee Wellness Fair on Oct. 3-4 2:30 p.m.- 6:00 p.m. at Berna Facio. We kick off open/switch enrollment which runs Oct. 2-17 with benefits information sessions, assistance with online enrollment, wellness screens, mammograms, vaccinations (schedule appointments in advance), and much more! All the information is on 

Please share this information with your colleagues and staff. Connect with APS Employee Wellness on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Reach out to Becky Macgregor at if you have any questions. Thank you and let's integrate! 

Save the Date for the Employee Wellness Fair!

The APS Benefits Open/Switch enrollment runs from October 2 -17 for benefits starting January 1, 2023. The Wellness Fair also kicks off APS Open/Switch Enrollment - Your Benefits Integrated! More specific information on open enrollment will be posted soon. 

Sign up early for these preventive health services: 

Mammograms - The Assured Imaging buses will be at Berna Facio on Tuesday, Oct. 3, and Wednesday, Oct. 4 from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm. Click here for the online scheduler. All insurances are accepted. APS Benefits cover mammograms as a preventive health screen at 100%. 

Vaccine Clinic: Schedule ahead for COVID-19 booster vaccines, Flu, Pneumonia, Shingles, and Tdap shots. Vaccines are covered at 100% for employees and dependents covered under the APS Benefits plans.

Other preventive health services include: 

  • BCBS Care Van -  Vision and dental screens 
  • Blood Pressure, BMI & Wellness checks with Solution Group Health Coaches
  • Oral cancer dental screens (by Duke City Dental)
  • Vision Screens (APS Nursing Services:)
  • Vitalant Blood Donor Drive

Assistance with Open/Switch Enrollment will be available on-site. We will also offer in-person Benefits information sessions from: 

  • Blue Cross Blue Sheild
  • Cigna 
  • Presbyterian
  • Delta Dental/Davis Vision 

Do You Suffer From Muscle or Joint Pain? 

Hinge  Health is a new virtual physical therapy solution to help people with joint and muscle pain.

Get the relief you need to feel and function better with this NEW virtual physical therapy program by Hinge Health. 

Hinge Health gives you the tools you need to conquer joint and muscle pain including back, neck, knee, and shoulder pain, recover from injuries, prepare for surgery, and stay healthy and pain-free.

Learn more and register for the program. Begin your journey today with a physical therapist and health coach team!

Hinge Health is available at no cost to employees covered under the APS Benefits plans and eligible dependents.   

New!  Expanded Benefits for Weight Loss, Diabetes, Blood Pressure & Mental Health!

A description of the enhanced benefits of livongo.

Manage diabetes, pre-diabetes, blood pressure, weight and healthy lifestyle goals, and mental health with this integrated wrap-around solution. Livongo is a holistic program that empowers people with chronic illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and other health challenges to feel better and do more. 

This is an integrated solution with free 1-1 health coaching, mental health support, and connected device monitoring.  Depending on your health condition you'll receive a blood pressure cuff, glucose meter/test strips,  and/or connected scale. It's all seamlessly integrated through a mobile app with results you can share with your doctor. 
*This is a free program for all employees and eligible dependents under the APS Benefits plans. 

Getting started is easy!  

  • Text “GO APS” to 85240 to learn more and join
  • Join by visiting
  • Or call 800-945-4355 and use the registration code: APS

Register Anytime For The New Wellness at Work Well-being Platform

picture with people eating well, moving and text about the new wellbeing platform.

APS partners with The Solutions Group to bring you a variety of well-being programs as well as the Wellness at Work platform and employee wellness incentive program. We are happy to announce our well-being program had a significant upgrade in the transition to a new platform called Virgin Pulse.

The wellness program through the Solutions Group is still called "Wellness at Work" but the platform is hosted on Virgin Pulse.

The new mobile app has enhanced wellness options, easier access, and simplified activity syncing.

Full-time employees received an invitation email on Jan. 4,18, Feb. 23, and July 11 from Wellness at Work (it's not spam). Do a search for the email invitation with your link to join. 

Employees on the previous platform can access your new Wellness at Work platform with the same username & password.  New users can easily register in less than 5 minutes. This is open to all full-time APS Employees. (*Additional instructions are in the APS employee wellness event calendar.)

Note: If you are a full-time APS employee covered as a dependent under the Presbyterian Health Plan, or ANY health plan, register as a 'non-covered' APS employee. If you are a full-time employee NOT covered by APS Benefits plan, register under "non-covered" APS employee. 

The 2023 APS Employee Wellness Incentive Program runs from Jan. 1, 2023 - Dec. 31, 2023. This is a voluntary wellness reward system for all full-time employees. 

Financial Wellness with Nusenda

Nusenda Credit Union has been the Albuquerque Public Schools Federal Credit Union since 1936 and offers comprehensive financial services to APS employees and their family members. 

The APS Employee Wellness Banzai Site offers financial literacy courses and interactive simulations that engage users as they learn about finances and how to build credit, reduce debt and/or save for life expenses like buying a home or car, starting a family, and planning retirement. Take a look at the Nusenda benefits flyer and reach out to Nusenda for more information. 


September Well-being Webinars

Every month APS employees have access to a variety of well-being webinars. All webinars are recorded.  All the information and links/QR codes to join are in the Employee Wellness event calendar.  *Register and receive the recording for on-demand viewing at a time that is convenient for you

  • Saturday, Sept. 2 & 16, 10 a.m. - 11 a.m. - Life on Mindfulness workshop & meditation
  • Wednesday, Sept. 20, 8:00 am and 12:00 pm - These are 15-minute presentations. Strong Habits=Strongs Brains
  • Wednesday, Sept. 20 12:00-1:00 pm Well-being Webinar Gut Health and Immune Function
  • Monday, Sept. 28, 12:30-12:45 Mindset Monday- Align Self-care with Autumn 

Virtual and Email-Based Wellness Opportunities 

  • Life on Mindfulness: Check out the new Life on Mindfulness website with the password APSLOM. This is a free, flexible program for all employees that offers daily drop-in meditations, new weekly and monthly content, featured meditations, and Saturday workshops. Everything is recorded for on-demand access. Links for daily drop-ins and the Saturday sessions are in the APS Employee Wellness Calendar. Enroll in the Life on Mindfulness Program for all content and email reminders. This site is mobile phone optimized so you can access a wide variety of recorded meditations anytime, anywhere. *The Life on Mindfulness program is open to all APS employees. 
  • Health Coaching: If you would like help with managing a chronic illness and weight loss to improve your health, or to simply feel better, APS offers free health coaching to all APS employees. *Open to all APS employees.
  • 30 Ways to Well-being is an email-based program. Register and receive daily wellness emails with simple yet innovative practices to do every day. This will bring new awareness for you around stress, sleep, movement, nutrition, connection, and more! This is an ongoing program. Enroll and engage at your own pace. *Open to all APS employees.
  • MyStress Tools - This is an online suite of stress management and resilience-building resources. My Stress Tools helps you understand

    the root causes of your stress and gives you the help you need to dramatically reduce your stress and build your resilience. Click here for flyer details. *Open to all APS employees.

On-Site Wellness 

Short wellness presentations for school staff and APS departments. We can tailor to your needs and fit time ranges from 15-60 minutes. Some topics include:

  • Just the basics - APS wellness benefits and resources
  • Stress, Burnout, and Resilience
  • Social well-being
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Financial Well-being
  • Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Health
  • Understanding Healthcare Costs & Medical Consumerism

Schedule Pet Therapy

This is for APS employees. If you would like to offer your staff or department a couple of hours of furry-cuddle-stress-relieving therapy time, fill out this request form. Please note that accommodations must be made for any colleagues who have allergies to dogs.