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Employee Wellness News

Posted: January 3, 2021

January 2021 Wellness Newsletter

Get the latest news on APS Employee Wellness programs, fitness, nutrition, and wellness trends!

picture of a guy leaping over crevice from 2020 to 2021

Take a look at this graphic. It’s a little freeing – Don’t you think? It’s safe to say we were all ready to not only turn the page on 2020, but to take a huge surging bound into 2021 with no looking back.    

When my girls were little this time of year I used to tell them that "you have to believe to make the magic happen". 

This year - of all years - we really want that magical change that a new year can bring.   But we have to take more than a leap of faith to know things will be better in 2021.  After that first foot hits solid ground the next one has to follow – and then another and another. For true change in any aspect of our well-being, we have to have the follow-through to our commitment with a consistent, continuous walk.

If we don't plan for that follow-through, we’ve missed a step and fallen before we’ve begun.  We have to know that when we take that running jump there’s another side to land on – Something solid to gain footing and balance. The leap of faith needs to become a steady stride.  It can be a risky jump, yes. And we need to have belief in ourselves that we can land it, absolutely. More importantly, there needs to be help waiting on the other side with guidance and direction should we stumble.  

This is why APS Employee Wellness has new and ongoing programs to help you with your wellness journey. As we march forward into a new year, consider some of these options & log in to the APS Employee Wellness Intranet pages for more information. 

  • Make a Change Wellness Challenge/Program - Get started on consistent wellness actions and stay motivated with daily movement, nutrition, and hydration. You can win awesome prizes and earn wellness incentive points!
  • Free Health Coaching - This is a new program free for APS employees offering one on one coaching and guidance for disease management, lifestyle goals, and weight loss.
  • Life on Mindfulness - Our ongoing mindfulness program has expanded and now an all-access portal to make it easy for you to do mindfulness anytime-anywhere. 
  • Livongo Diabetes Management program: Take back your health and control one of the leading risk factors for COVID-19 complications. This is a great program, free for eligible APS employees, to help you manage your diabetes and feel better!
  • 2021 Wellness Incentive Program - All full-time APS employees have the opportunity to participate in the 2021 Wellness Incentive Program. It's really simple: do wellness, log points and earn cool schwag like 1 to 3-month New Mexico Sports & Wellness Memberships, 3-month online LesMills subscriptions, gift cards to local businesses like Sports Systems, Stone Age Gym, Wecks & Flying Star, and more!  There are lots of ways to earn points so check it out and get started. 
  • Google meets social stretch breaks- Need a little motivation to push away from the desk and move? Join Becky every Tuesday/Thursday at 11:45 am for a quick, social stretch and movement break. Connect with our APS wellness event calendar for the Google Meet code and stay up to date on all employee wellness events. 
  • MyStress & MyStrength tools for stress, anxiety, depression, and other behavioral health struggles. These programs will help enhance your overall well-being.