Employee Recognition

Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) has amazing employees who consistently go above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of our students and schools.

APS Employee Recognition We are committed to recognizing our employees for their many contributions to our district. We invite you to nominate a staff member who you feel is deserving of recognition as an APS Employee of the Month.

Nominate an APS employee!


Please nominate an APS employee who exemplifies achievements or efforts in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Puts others first.
  2. Goes above and beyond to make a difference in their role.
  3. Excels as a team player.
  4. Carries out each day with a positive and welcoming attitude and strong work ethic.
  5. Demonstrates innovation, leadership, or passion for the job.
  6. Enthusiastically supports the mission of Albuquerque Public Schools.
  7. Elevates the image of public education.


Any staff member that has been employed for at least six (6) months. All employees are eligible to be nominated, including administrators, bus drivers, business office staff, clerical support staff, community liaisons, custodial, food service employees, information technology employees, ESNs, PSNs, MSNs, educational assistants, instructional aides, library aides, maintenance employees, security, social workers, counselors, librarians, and more. Teachers have the opportunity to be recognized through the Pepsi of the Month recognition program, which is separate from this recognition program.

All eligible staff members shall only be selected as the “Employee of the Month” one time during the school year.

The nomination must be completed by someone other than the nominee (i.e., no self-nominations are eligible for consideration).


Those employees who are selected as Employee of the Month will be recognized as follows:

  1. Appear on APS electronic digital billboards across the city.
  2. Receive a personal plaque and name on the permanent plaque at the APS Alice and Bruce King City Center.
  3. Attend a lunch with the Superintendent and/or the Chief of Human Resources.
  4. Attend a Cabinet meeting to be introduced and briefly honored.
  5. Highlighted in short article on aps.edu.
  6. Highlighted in short article in weekly Perspective.
  7. Have his/her family receive a thank you note from the superintendent thanking family members for their support when our employee has worked extended hours or been burdened with unusual circumstances.

APS Outstanding Employees

 For the Second Straight Year, APS Recognizes Outstanding Employees

September's outstanding employees include a secretary, custodian, family liaison and foster care point of contact.

Posted October 7, 2019

 May's Outstanding Employees Announced

The latest group of employees honored by the APS Employee Recognition Program includes a secretary, health assistant, educational assistant and dean of students/basketball coach.

Posted May 13, 2019

 April's Outstanding Employees Announced

The latest group of employees honored by the APS Employee Recognition Program includes a community schools coordinator, a night custodian, an occupational therapist and a site supervisor for Food & Nutrition Services.

Posted April 16, 2019

 March's Outstanding Employees Announced

The APS Employee Recognition Program honors some of the district's outstanding employees.

Posted March 22, 2019