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Employee Contact Information
Lucinda Sanchez
Associate Superintendent for Special Education
Germaine Sanchez
Executive Administrative Assistant
Cindy Soo Hoo
Executive Director: Compliance
Debbie Inge
Executive Administrative Assistant
Claudia Gutierrez
Executive Director: Student Achievement
Loretta Serna-Gonzales
Executive Administrative Assistant
Bernadette Lucero-Turner
Executive Director: Evaluation and Related Service
Bonnie Anderson
Director: Budget/Data/Synergy
Stephanie Fascitelli
District Principal Support and ESY
Melissa Maestas
Special Education Staff Auditor/ Independent Educational Evaluation Coordinator
Loretta Garcia
Instructional Manager: Discipline, Hearings, Schools of Choice
Yvette Montoya
Northeast Diagnostic Center Supervisor
Lianne Pierce
Northwest Diagnostic Center Supervisor

Southeast/Southwest Diagnostic Center Supervisor
Shelly Henderson
Principal Support for Zone 3: Secondary
Lisa Oliphant
Principal Support for Zone 3: Elementary
Kathryn Shull
Principal Support for Zone 1: Elementary
Yvonne Madrid
Principal Support for Zone 1: Secondary
Annittra Atler
Principal Support for Zone 2: Elementary
Cindy Hoppman
Principal Support for Zone 2: Secondary
Linda Elliott
Principal Support for Zone 3: Elementary
Tillie Tierney
Principal Support for Zone 4: Secondary
Lila Ramirez
Principal Support for Cibola Cluster, Social Emotional Services, Behavior, NVCI, Review 360, School Psychologists, Tourette Syndrome
Debora Garrison
Principal Support
Tracy Hutton
Instructional Manager: Low Incidence (HI/VI), Audiology, Interpreters, Records

Instructional Manager: APE, Parent Liaison, Transfers, Military Contact
Jennifer Blythe
Aztec Complex: Administrator
Andrea Felts
Aztec Complex: Assistant Principal
Costa Pavlakos
Highland Complex: Administrator
Karen Krall
Transition Services: Community Based
Eulalia Gonzales
Transition Services: School Based
Jeff Renegar
Specialist: Data Resources
Marian Pino