Preschool Programs

Special Education Department District programs are designed for students who have not exhibited success in a more inclusive setting.

Important Notice:

placement in any special education district classroom listed below must be determined by your child’s IEP team.  Please contact the Instructional Manager for the program if you have additional questions about placement or about a specific program.

Developmental Preschool Programs

Developmental Preschool Programs provide intensive services in a preschool classroom to children with significant educational needs.  Children in these programs receive developmentally appropriate services based on their individual needs and IEP goals. Students may attend morning or afternoon sessions five days a week.

Peer Model programs are also offered at each DPP location. This program provides an integrated environment in which typically developing students (serving as peer models) and students with disabilities interact and learn together.

Intensive Support Preschool Programs

Intensive Support Programs are designed to meet the needs of students who are significantly disabled due to a variety of eligibilities. Staffing is enhanced to offer a low student/teacher ratio in the classroom setting.

Autism Specific Preschool Programs

Autism Specific Preschool Programs are designed for children who have been diagnosed with Autism.  Children receive preschool educational services in an extended day program. The extended part of the day is focused on individualized instruction with an emphasis on developing functional communication and self regulation skills.


For more information about Schools with Early Childhood Programs in Developmental Preschool, Intensive Support Programs, or Autism Specific Preschool, please contact the Special Education Department.

Director: Bernadette Lucero-Turner,, 505-855-9903