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Letter from the Superintentent

Dear APS Students and Families,

Public education is all about life lessons. These may include classroom lessons on reading, writing, and problem-solving; social lessons on listening, collaborating, and personal responsibility; physical lessons on movement, self-confidence, and risk-taking; as well as cultural lessons on respect, acceptance, and relationship building.

The Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) Student Handbook is a tool to guide students and families through these life lessons. It is a living, breathing document that establishes expectations of students and provides guidelines for student conduct. Updated annually, the APS Student Handbook can help enhance a positive learning environment. It contains information that students and parents/guardians should know to ensure a safe, successful and rewarding school year.

APS students have rights. They have the right to conditions favorable to learning. They have the right to pursue an education free from discrimination. They have the right to express themselves and to associate with others. They have a right to privacy and freedom from harassment. They have a right to due process.

APS students also have responsibilities. They are expected to conduct themselves in a way that is conducive to teaching and learning. Students are expected to uphold academic and personal integrity, to respect the rights of others, to refrain from disruptive, threatening, intimidating, or harassing behavior, or behavior that is harmful to themselves, other people or property.

The APS Student Handbook outlines these rights and responsibilities. Please take the time to review it. It is important that both students and parents/guardians understand expectations, policies, and procedures. Together, we create an atmosphere of respect and responsibility that underlies all learning. We encourage you to call your school if you need clarification of any rule, regulation or policy. You also may contact the APS Student, Parent, Employee Service Center, the customer service center for APS. Contact them at 505-855-9040 or

Thank you. We look forward to a happy and successful 2019-2020 school year.

Raquel Reedy