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Child Custody Issues

Parents and the courts will establish the terms and conditions of custody of the children. Custody terms will generally fall into the categories of Joint Custody, Primary Physical Custody, and Sole Custody. In any of these custody arrangements, unless parental rights have been legally waived, both parents retain full parental rights regarding access to school records, grades, parent-teacher conferences, IEP meetings, and so forth. APS will remain neutral in custody cases and will rely on parental agreement or court documents in honoring parental requests. Any changes to the status quo must be agreed to by both parents or through a Court Order. APS schools will do their best to abide by parenting plans provided to them but are not responsible to enforce specific pick-up days.

Release of Students During the Instructional Day

Principals shall only authorize the removal of a student during the instructional day under the conditions of the procedural directive “Release of Students During the Instructional Day.” The directive includes provisions for removal by law enforcement officers, parents/guardians, and others with the permission of the parent/guardian.