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Threats of Violence Against the School or a Person

Asterisk (*) Indicates Additional Required action for any Consequence to ensure Student Due Process

Required actions for ALL infractions Listed Below:

  • Staff/Student Contact in Student Information System
  • Administrative/Parent Contact/Conference
  • Copy of the Referral provided to Parent/Guardian

Substantiated (by police investigation and report) threats of violence against the school or person in any form, verbal, written, or via social media. (shooting threat, gun threat, bomb threat, etc.) This violation would include making or falsely reporting a shooting, bomb or gun threat.

(Threats of Violence require evidence to include photos, social media posts, email, text or phone threats, etc. and a police report to support the charge.)

  • Threat Assessment*
  • This infraction requires a police report with the charge of Bomb Scares and Shooting Threat.*



Pre-K to 3rd

  • Utilize intervention strategies
  • Do not exceed maximum consequences for 4th-5th Grade.
  • General practice for PK-3 is a suspension of no more than 3 days for a single incident and no referral to hearing.
  • Additional consequences allowed with Associate approval


  • Utilize intervention strategies
  • 1st Violation - Up to Expulsion Hearing


  • 1st Violation - Up to Expulsion Hearing

Updated as of August 18, 2023