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Sexual battery is defined as a student intentionally making physical contact with the intimate parts of the body of another person without the consent of that person. Intimate body parts include the primary genital area, anus, groin, inner thighs, or buttocks of a male or female and the breasts of a female. No student shall commit any act of sexual battery on school property, school buses, or at school-sponsored events. Behaviors that implicate Title IX regulations will be referred to the Office of Equal Opportunity Services (EOS) See Harassment/Sexual for other offenses

Table 1: Consequences For Battery, Sexual
Type of Battery, SexualConsequences –
Asterisk (*) Indicates Required action
Any Occurrence
  • Staff/Student Contact*
  • Administrative/Parent Contact/Conference*
  • Referral to EOS*
  • Referral to APS Police*
  • School Contract for Safety
  • Consequences determined by outcome of investigation*