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Assault/Battery, Aggravated II

Asterisk (*) Indicates Additional Required action for any Consequence to ensure Student Due Process

Required actions for ALL infractions Listed Below:

  • Staff/Student Contact in Student Information System
  • Administrative/Parent Contact/Conference
  • Copy of the Referral provided to Parent/Guardian

Unlawfully assaulting or committing a battery on another person with the use of a weapon, instrument, or any means of force that leads to serious bodily injury (requires medical attention that will likely cause permanent disfigurement. Assault/Battery on staff members are included in this definition. (When seeking long-term suspension, police reports and evidence will be included: witness statements, video, etc.)

This infraction requires a police report with the charge of “Aggravated Assault/Battery” for students or “Aggravated Assault/Battery on School Personnel” for Staff Members.*



Pre-K to 3rd

  • Utilize intervention strategies
  • Do not exceed maximum consequences for 4th-5th Grade.
  • General practice for PK-3 is a suspension of no more than 3 days for a single incident and no referral to hearing.
  • Additional consequences allowed with Associate approval


  • Utilize intervention strategies
  • 1st Violation Up to Expulsion Hearing


  • 1st Violation Up to Expulsion Hearing

Updated as of July 12, 2023