Marie M. Hughes Elementary School

Marie M. Hughes is an elementary school serving grades K-5 in Learning Zone 3.

School Profile

  • Principal: Eli Casaus
  • Phone: (505) 897-3080
  • Fax: (505) 898-2894
  • Physical Address:
    5701 Mojave NW Albuquerque, NM 87120

School Details

  • Type: Elementary (K-5)
  • Calendar: Traditional
  • Established: 1981
  • Enrollment (2018-19): 512
  • Location Code: 365

Leadership and Learning

Learning Zone 3
Assoc. Superintendent
Yvonne Garcia

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Staff listed by employee, with email address and phone number.
Employee Contact Information
Eli Casaus
Michelle Waldrop
Dean of Students
Heidi Dudley
SESS Assistant Principal
Maureen Saul
SESS Secretary
Kathryn Nelson
Nikkie Baum
Mariah Garcia
Louise Cobb