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La Cueva High School

La Cueva is a high school serving grades 9–12 in Learning Zone 4.

School Profile

  • Principal: Dana Lee
  • Phone: (505) 823-2327
  • Fax: (505) 857-0177
  • Physical Address:
    7801 Wilshire Ave Albuquerque, NM 87122

School Details

  • Type: High (9–12)
  • Calendar: Traditional
  • Established: 1986
  • Enrollment (2018-19): 1762
  • Location Code: 525

and Learning

Learning Zone 4
Assoc. Superintendent
Troy Hughes

Contact Us

Staff listed by employee, with email address and phone number.
Employee Contact Information
Dana Lee
Brian Hubbell
Assistant Principal
Brett Rimer
Assistant Principal
Leigh Arnett
Assistant Principal
Lacee Metzger
Activities Director
LeeAnn Moores
Athletic Director
Linda Thompson
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