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L.B. Johnson Middle School

L.B. Johnson is a middle school serving grades 6–8 in Learning Zone 3.

School Profile

  • Principal: Mike Bachicha
  • Phone: (505) 898-1492
  • Fax: (505) 898-7150
  • Physical Address:
    6811 Taylor Ranch Dr. NW Albuquerque, NM 87120

School Details

  • Type: Middle (6–8)
  • Calendar: Traditional
  • Established: 1992
  • Enrollment (2018-19): 751
  • Location Code: 485

and Learning

Learning Zone 3
Assoc. Superintendent
Yvonne Garcia

Contact Us

Staff listed by employee, with email address and phone number.
Employee Contact Information
Mike Bachicha
Cheryl Murphy
Assistant Principal
Jacqueline Smith
Dean of Students
Carla Larranaga
Principal Secretary
Lorry Schwarting
Attendance Secretary
Carmen Villegas
Records & ParentVUE Secretary
Nancy Hoover
Angelique Patalan
MA Professional School Counselor
Karla Gonzales
MA, NCC, LMHC Counselor
Kurt Schoenholzer
Head Special Education Teacher
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