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Cibola High School

Cibola is a high school serving grades 9–12 in Learning Zone 3.

Cibola High School has an acclaimed AP Capstone diploma program that provides students with academic and social skills necessary for successful college completion.

School Profile

  • Principal: Pam Meyer
  • Phone: (505) 897-0110
  • Fax: (505) 897-4251
  • Physical Address:
    1510 Ellison Drive NW Albuquerque, NM 87114
  • School Boundary

School Details

  • Type: High (9–12)
  • Calendar: Traditional
  • Established: 1975
  • Enrollment (As of April 2020): 1844
  • Location Code: 580

Leadership and Learning

Amanda DeBell, Interim Assoc. Superintendent

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