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Alvarado Elementary School

Alvarado is an elementary school serving grades K–5 in Learning Zone 3.

Alvarado Elementary is a warm, community focused school that has been educating families since 1952.  We offer a multi-cultural educational experience through our dual language program K-5. Other opportunities include:

  • STEM room
  • Library with over 12,000 books
  • School Garden
  • Active PTA

School Profile

  • Principal: Caitlin Robinson
  • Phone: (505) 344-4412
  • Fax: (505) 761-8405
  • Physical Address:
    1100 Solar Rd. NW Albuquerque, NM 87107

School Details

  • Type: Elementary (K–5)
  • Calendar: Traditional
  • Established: 1952
  • Enrollment (2018-19): 296
  • Location Code: 213

and Learning

Learning Zone 3
Assoc. Superintendent
Yvonne Garcia

Contact Us

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Employee Contact Information
Caitlin Robinson
Clara Smith
Jaymie Duneman
Kyle Harney
Christina Holguin
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