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Esports News

Posted: December 10, 2019

Esports Scholarships Awarded to High School Students

Del Norte Scholarship

Dr. Bowman congratulates Del Norte High School Student Scholarship Recipients

APS Esports is happy to announce that in partnership with the APS Education Foundation, we have awarded esports scholarships to 55 students from 12 APS high schools. Sixty-three students from 12 APS high schools applied for the first round of scholarships, which cover the fees ($85) required to participate in the spring 2020 season, and the cost for a team jersey ($35). We are planning to award more scholarships to help ensure equitable participation for all students. Any high school student who has a desire to participate in esports but may need help to pay for NMAA fees and team jerseys is encouraged to apply. Deadline for receipt of second round of scholarships is today!

Dr. Richard Bowman, who brought districtwide esports to all APS high schools, showed his commitment to inclusion and equity by applying for and receiving a Success Award Grant through the APS Education Foundation. Congratulations to our diverse group of high school students who are able to participate in esports with the help of the scholarship. Thanks to Dr. Bowman and to the APS Education Foundation for making all of this possible!