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Coaching Esports

Want to coach esports at your school? Here's what it takes.

Esports coach mentoring a player with Rocket League.

Become an APS Esports Coach

Esports is a great opportunity for you to lead and be a part of an exciting and growing field.

Coaching is also an opportunity for you to help your students to further enrich their high school experience, potentially leading to higher education opportunities using esports as a springboard.

What do you need to coach Esports?

Do you have a desire to lead and mentor a diverse group of students in your school?

You will have varsity athletes, academic champions, and students who have never participated in a school group of any sort.

Do you have a working knowledge of video games and technology?

You don't need to be a gamer or even play the games that your students play. You can coach and learn the games as you go.

Do you have space to practice and participate in tournaments?

All participating high schools have access to five custom gaming computers. You will need to have a dedicated space for the students with as many computers as players.

Do you have some time?

Practice days and times are at your convenience. There is one dedicated tournament day per week per sport that your team plays.

Do you have a desire to participate in one of the fastest-growing activities in the country?

More and more schools are joining the competition. Many colleges and universities have their own programs and offer scholarships.

Want to learn more?

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This page was last updated on: January 24, 2020.