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Before & After School Programs

Out of School Time Programs include activities that take place before and after school, summer, winter, spring, fall and some holiday breaks.

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Did You Know?

Children and youth who participate in out of school time programs are more likely to:

  • Do well and be more attached to school
  • Have a healthier life style
  • Avoid risky behaviors

Many organizations in Albuquerque offer programs with a variety of activities, including: health and fitness, the arts, outdoor adventure, field trips, study time and opportunities for youth internships. 

Program Options

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School-based programs

  • Schools provide a variety of extracurricular programs (from sports to drama and various clubs, etc.) that young people can be engaged with after school.
  • Before- and after-school programs are available at many APS elementary schools and some middle and high schools in the district.
    • These programs provide a variety of activities, from homework help/tutoring to arts and crafts, field trips, recreation and study time.
    • Some programs are free of charge or allow for a sliding scale. Fees vary according to the agency providing the service.
    • Most programs have opportunities for parent involvement and some provide parent services as well.

Private programs

  • There are also a variety of private after school and tutoring providers/agencies throughout the city.
  • Many private child care centers provide before and after school care for school age children.

Qualifying for assistance

Families may qualify for assistance to pay for before and after school programs:


Find out if your school has a before- or after- school program by calling your school.

APS Notice of Equal Opportunity and Reasonable Accommodation

  • All after school activities/programs offered by APS, including programs through the Community School Initiative (CSI), must be provided in an manner as is necessary to afford qualified students with disabilities an equal opportunity for participation;
  •  All after school activities/programs, including programs through the Community School Initiative (CSI), must offer reasonable modifications and provide those aids and services that are reasonably necessary to ensure an equal opportunity for the qualified students with disabilities to participate.  This may include an Educational Assistant, a 1-on-1 aide, an interpreter, or other service provider if it is determined during an individualized inquiry that the student requires it;
  •  The District, in the event a student with disabilities is in need of reasonable modifications and/or aides and services reasonably necessary to ensure an equal opportunity for participation, APS will conduct an individualized inquiry regarding the disabled student’s needs.  Although APS will make the final determination as to what is reasonably necessary to ensure an equal opportunity for qualified students with disabilities to participate in after school activities, APS is obligated to involve the student’s parents/guardians in the individualized inquiry process.
  •  For more information contact the APS Compliance Officer:

Lisa Zanussi

Director, Equal Opportunity Services

Office of Equity and Engagement

Phone:  505-855-9853

Cell:  505-288-5625

Fax:  505-855-9857