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Summer High School

Summer Graduation Transcript

(orchestral music)

(upbeat orchestral music)

(upbeat orchestral music)

(audience cheer and applaud)

[DR. GABRIELLA BLAKEY] At this time, please remain standing for the presentation of colors. Tonight's colors are presented by Cibola High School, MCJROTC under the direction of Gunnery Sargent Jimmy Flores.

(audience cheer and applaud)

(Jimmy shouting)

(footsteps marching)

("The Star-Spangled Banner")

(audience cheer and applaud)

(footsteps marching)

(audience applaud)

Thank you, you may now be seated. At this time, we would like to introduce members of the Albuquerque Public School's Board of Education and the leadership team. Please stand as you are introduced.

Board member, Doctor David Peercy.

(audience applaud)

Board member, Yolanda Montoya-Cordova.

(audience applaud)

Superintendent, Raquel Reedy.

(audience applaud)

Associate Superintendent for Equity, Instruction, Innovation and Support, Doctor Madelyn Serna Mármol.

(audience applaud)

Executive Director of Student, Family and Community Supports, Doctor Kris Meurer.

(audience applaud)

Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Aimee Milazzo.

(audience applaud)

Associate Superintendent for Leadership and Learning zone three, Yvonne Garcia.

(audience applaud)

and Associate Superintendent for Leadership and Learning for zone two, Antonio Gonzales.

(audience applaud)

At this time, please join me in welcoming Albuquerque Public School's Superintendent, Raquel Reedy. She will address our graduating class.

(audience applaud)

- [SUPERINTENDENT RAQUEL REEDY] Well hello everybody. You look wonderful. It is just a pleasure to be standing here and seeing all the support that you have with all your friends and relatives and then you sitting there. It's just wonderful to stand here and see that.

You know, we're gathered here tonight and I suspect that you know why, we're here to celebrate the graduates of the class of 2019.

(audience cheer and applaud)

Absolutely, you like the sound of that, don't you? The graduates of the class of 2019 sounds so great.

(audience cheer and applaud)

I wanna thank you for inviting me to be apart of this wonderful, truly wonderful celebration and quite frankly, coming to graduations, it's one of the best parts of my job because I see you and I can envision you as kindergartners, as fifth graders, as middle schoolers and here we are, at the end of that journey and here you are sitting as individuals who have really embraced the challenge of education and I cannot be happier for you. I can truly feel the joy in the room tonight.

It comes from proud families and friends of these young men and women who earned and I wanna stress the word earned, it's not given to you, you worked and you earned it. These are young men and women who earned their high school diploma. Sounds great.

(audience cheer and applaud)

And the joy in this room comes from the teachers and counselors and principals and staff and cafeteria people and custodians, everyone who helped them along this academic journey and it comes from you, the graduates yourselves. We can all feel it, it's in the air and rightly so and I look at you and some of you can't stop grinning, can't stop smiling and you know, those smiles look really good on you.

They look good on you because you know. You look confident and accomplished because you are confident and accomplished. Don't forget that. Remember what you've been through and the fact that you're sitting here just speaks volumes about your tenacity and you know what, I know you've got your phones. Make sure that they're off but be sure and take all the selfies that you can. They're free and will hold memories that you will treasure for years and years to come. So don't hesitate, this is the day.

This is the time for you to truly enjoy your accomplishments. You earned this moment in time. Enjoy it, savor it. Your determination and hard work and here's a great word, your sticktoitiveness, try spelling that. Your sticktoitiveness, it's that's what got you to this milestone in your life and you should be proud. I have a very special place in my heart for Summer graduates.

You know, there's always a hubbub and a hurly burly and everywhere, we're all rushing and made to make sure that everyone gets their time in the light and this is your time and it's a special time and the weather's great and there's flowers in the air. It's just a wonderful time to graduate and I've always loved these gatherings.

You know what, the fact about graduating in the Summer speaks volumes about you as individuals and I'll tell you why. You are in school when many of your friends are sleeping in. I know that's tough. You go to class in sweltering heat. Sometimes your friends are out vacationing and here you are prepping for a test or working on their tans. I hate that part the most but the bottom line and I don't want you to forget this, the bottom line is regardless what people that you know are doing or what decisions they made with their lives, the bottom line is that you made sacrifices this Summer in order for you to earn this diploma and in order for you to sit here and celebrate with your families and with your friends.

I would argue with anyone that these sacrifices, your decisions to forego going to the parties or to forego sleeping late and skipping class, to forego going on road trips or whatever, your decisions have affected your life in such a positive way, I'm not sure that you realize what your decisions will mean to you in the future but you'll find out.

The fact is that, the fact that you are earning a diploma, that lasts forever. Tans may fade, the music from the parties will stop but you have something concrete that you alone accomplished and you can show the world this.

No one, no one can ever take that diploma away from you, remember that and it's because of what you did and your strength of character that has you sitting here today. So--

(audience applaud)

a high school diploma opens the door to all kinds of possibilities. All you have ahead of you is everything, everything, you have everything ahead of you. All possibilities, the doors are all open for you. Think about that. Everything awaits you and you are prepared to embrace it, whatever path you decide to take. You know I look at you and I see a very diverse group of graduates.

Actually, I see Albuquerque. Albuquerque is one of the richest and most diverse communities in the entire United States and here you are, totally representing this wonderful city that we live in. Diversity is our middle name. How many of you speak Spanish or another language, raise your hand. All right!

(audience cheer and applaud)

All right, I want you to embrace that. I want you to hold on to that. It makes you unique, it makes you special, it tells you who you are and where you come from and who your people are. We must be proud of our culture because it is unique, it is beautiful and it enriches, not only our lives, but the lives of everyone around us. This is what makes Albuquerque and APS so special. I know that you have grown up in different neighborhoods. I know that you took a variety of paths to get to this moment.

Some of you learned differently than others and needed extra time or you had to slow down as far as your coursework because you may had to support your family or do something that would be of assistance, something where you were needed and you heard that call. Some of you faced an illness or an injury or you just needed a little more time to mature and to get motivated and you did it and a handful of you chose to get it done early.

A handful of you chose to finish your coursework and get your degree early, earlier than the four years that are usually admitted to that

(audience cheer and applaud)

and you did it in a very thoughtful precise way and what you did is you took extra classes over the years so that you can hurry up and start the next chapter of your life. Congratulations to you.

(audience cheer and applaud)

The colors and I'm looking and I see so many beautiful colors, the colors of your graduation gowns representing our high schools and our charter schools signify your differences. As do the cords and the stoles that some of you draped around your necks representing culture, representing academic achievement or activism or involvement. No two of you graduates are alike. Nor was your journey to this achievement alike.

You have had many many transitions in your life and I think, if you stop and think back, you could probably pinpoint them but I'll give you some idea. So, how many of you remember when you were born?

(audience laugh)

No? When you were born, okay and there's witnesses, had your mother, your father, grandmother, aunts and uncles, everybody knew that you were born and here you are today. That was the first transition. How many of you remember the first day of kindergarten? Kindergarten, oh my goodness, so hard. Mostly hard on the parents. Maybe not so hard on the children because they're excited and maybe they're a little scared and they're anxious and as principal of an elementary school, I remember so well that first day of kindergarten where little hands were being held by adult hands in a caring, loving way walking to the next transition.

Do you remember what it was to start middle school? That was pretty scary I think. Middle school or what about the first day of high school, what was that like as a freshman? Pretty nerve wrecking I would think. Those transitions could be difficult and they could be challenging. They were also inevitable because you know what, you were growing. From that birth all the way pass on the years, you were growing as a human being and as an individual and sometimes, these transitions really truly prove to be exciting and fun and really helped you identify yourself as the human being and individual that you want to become.

So here you are at another transition, another scary challenging and exciting time of your life. The possibilities, like I said, are endless for you and quite frankly, I envy you and your future. My wish for you is that you continue learning always whether you choose college or trade school, the military or going into the family business, do one thing and that would be expand your knowledge. Find the things that intrigue you and become experts in that. Continue to ask questions. Push those boundaries. Take chances and dare to be different. Dare to take challenges. Find what makes you happy and do what you have to in order to succeed and here's the most important thing, allow yourself to love and to be loved and most importantly, love yourself.

You did it graduates, the class of 2019. Congratulations.

(audience cheer and applaud)

(speaks in foreign language)

Congratulations guys.

(audience cheer and applaud)

- [YVONNE GARCIA] Thank you Superintendent Reedy for such great words and a true excitement for our graduates. Good evening. My name is Yvonne Garcia. I'm the Associate Superintendent for learning zone three which is the North West part of the city. CEC, eCademy and tonight. oops.

I gotta get past Superintendent speech. It is my honor to join my colleagues in co-hosting tonight's celebration. We'd now like to acknowledge the Summer School Site principals who worked daily with our Summer graduates.

Please stand as I call your name. Audience, please continue to hold your applause until the end.

Highland High School's Lupe Martinez and Eliza Romero.

(audience applaud)

La Cueva High School's Brian Hubbell and Brett Rimer.

(audience cheer and applaud)

West Mesa High School's Michelle Martinez.

(audience applaud)

We'd like to also thank our high school Summer school staff for the 2019 Summer school program. Laura Valdez, Secondary Summer Learning Instructional Manager.

(audience applaud)

- [LAURA VALDEZ] Thank you.

- [YVONNE GARCIA] They're behind the black curtain. Janet Walters, Summer Learning Program Specialist.

(audience applaud)

and of course, there are so many other Summer site staff and registration support staff.

(audience applaud)

We also wish to acknowledge all our high school principals present tonight. They will be introduced later as they hand out the diploma covers to each of you graduates but I am truly excited to introduce Tyrone Trujillo, our student speaker –

(audience cheer and applaud)

who is graduating from Valley High School.

Tyrone, please come to the podium.

(audience cheer and applaud)

Good job. - Thank you.

-[TYRONE TRUJILLO] Oh wow, this is more people than I intended.

(audience chuckle)


To my fellow graduates, families and loved ones of the class of 2019, it's a great honor to be up here speaking to all of you today.

I don't know how y'all feel right now but right now I'm feeling pretty nervous, scared and excited. Therefore I wanted to say to each and every one of my fellow graduates, I wish each and every one of y'all the best and to never give up on your goals and always see to keep succeeding.

That's no matter what, just move on to bigger and better things. I once read in a book "The Rose That Grew From Concrete" by Tupac Shakur, the poem "The Eternal Lament" and to lament is to look back in regret.

"From my mind to the depths of my soul
I yearn to achieve all my goals and
all the free time will be spent on the one I miss,
I will lament.
I am not a perfectionist but I seek perfection.
I am not a great romantic yet I yearn for affection.
Eternally my mind will produce ways to put my talents to use
and when I'm done no matter where I've been,
I will yearn to do it all over again."

I chose this passage because it reminded me of all the times I had to fight against all the obstacles that were placed in my life, with all the negativity, violence and crime that were trying to destroy me.

I chose to turn these odds into tools and not let them consume me, but instead I decided to use them to turn my life into a masterpiece of prosperity.

- [Audience Member] Yes!

(audience cheer and applaud)

- What I hope to share with all of you is that we're not all perfect but we got a meaning and a purpose no matter what happens because life is not always perfect but it is never be too late to succeed and surpass your limits. Once you're there, take the time to enjoy life with your loved ones close by. Remember how much you've grown and how much you've achieved. I can assure you to say I was one to view life with a different perspective.

When I was in the seventh grade, I would have thought graduating from high school, impossible because all the stuff going on in my life.

Having to go through the struggle with a single mother of five, and me being the middle child, it showed me to value the little things like water, electricity, and gas and also at times, a roof.

But there is always a brighter day. Mom, thank you for all the love you've given me and my siblings over the years. I love you and I appreciate you for that.

(audience cheer and applaud)

Graduates, this graduation is yours but it's also for the ones who worked to get you here and supported you. Thank you to all the teachers that believed in us when we didn't, the ones that gave us extra credit when we needed it but did not deserve it. The teachers that would understand us when we needed to leave early or had to come in late.

Most of all, another thing I wanted to say is life is not determined by where you've came from or how you look or how we present yourself but on how you make it and how much you put into it. So I just want to say congratulations to each and every one of my fellow graduates.

May you seek to never give up on your goals and always follow your dreams. Thank you very much. Have a blessed day and life.

(audience cheer and applaud)

-[DR. ANTONIO GONZALES] You wanna keep this?

Thank you very much Tyrone.

Thank you and good evening. My name is Antonio Gonzales. I am the Associate Superintendent for Leadership and Learning for zone two for Albuquerque Public Schools. It is my honor to also co-host tonight's celebration with Associate Superintendents Gabriella Blakey and Yvonne Garcia.

At this time, it is my honor to welcome Board President Doctor David Peercy and Board member Yolanda Montoya-Cordova to the podium. Would you please join me.

(audience applaud)

Doctor Peercy and Miss Montoya-Cordova, the graduates before you have completed all requirements set forth by the Albuquerque Public School's Board of Education and the New Mexico Public Education Department. We proudly present them to you to accept as graduates of the Albuquerque Public Schools.

(audience cheer and applaud)

- [YOLANDA MONTOYA-CORDOVA] Congratulations to the Summer class of 2019. When I look out and I see all your colors, "somos unidos", you know that wonderful theme that we've been saying one Albuquerque but it's definitely here. So congratulations and on behalf of the Albuquerque Public School Board of Education, we accept the graduating class of 2019.

(audience cheer and applaud)

-[DR. ANTONIO GONZALES] Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Albuquerque Public School's graduating class of Summer School 2019.

(audience cheer and applaud)

Would the Albuquerque Public School's leadership please take their places in the receiving line and at this time, I would like to welcome Doctor Madelyn Serna Mármol, Associate Superintendent for Equity, Instruction, Innovation and Support for the Albuquerque Public Schools who will read the names of the 2019 graduates this evening. It is now time for the class of 2019 to come forward.

(audience cheer and applaud)

- [DR. MADELYN SERNA MARMOL] Tell me when to start

- Representing Albuquerque Charter Academy, Shawn Burich.

(audience applaud)

(Superintendent Reedy hands the students their diploma and shakes their hand as the student exits the stage.)

- And student name.

- Candelaria M. Valdez-Pena

That's the one through Charter.

(audience and faculty background chatter)

- She was in front, they moved her, so sorry. Okay, here she is.

(audience cheer and applaud)

- [Madelyn] Representing Albuquerque High School, Ryan Homistek
Marlene Alvarez
Kyla Aragon
Mateo S. Benalli
Carlos Castillo
Delear Davis
Joe Ray R. Fernandez
Nancy Flores Ortega
Xavior Linam
Vladimier Madreed

- Slow down just a little bit.

- Rafael Maldonado Perez
Thomas K. Martin
Brianna C. Monge
Jorge Rodriguez
Jasmin Ruiz-Sandoval
Patrick Sanchez
David A. Savage
Maya J. Turner

Representing Atrisco Heritage Academy High School, Shirley Pareo
Jason Adamoli
Kalaya Albert
Jesus M. Amaya Jr
Haley Calvillo
Ashley A. Duarte Castaneda
Yesenia Espinoza
Jacob Etsitty
Jacqueline Gallegos
Jade Garcia
Kyle Garcia
Mariela Godoy Diaz
Alisha L. Grant
Dominic L. Lovato
Andrew Gonzales
Bryan Martinez
Nahum Medina
Anthony J. Machalski
Mercedes A. Montoya
Isaiah Otero
Khalil L. Rodriguez
Daniel S. Romero
Austin Ruiz
Isaac Ruiz
Ciarah G. Sanchez
Bryan Trillo
Dominic E. Ulibarri
Erick Velo Avalos

Representing Cibola High School, Raul Sandoval.

- We have one more student from Atrisco.

- Who is it?

- Come up.

- Arturo Gonzalez Jr.
Mya A. Aguirre
Kimberly Bahe
Taylene Garambullo
Dominic Munoz
Isaac R. Paynter
Ezekiel M. Urbina
Kate Welch

Representing Digital Arts and Technology Academy, Raul Sandoval.

- Sorry you're back.

- Louie G. Mendoza
Loriann Montoya

Representing Del Norte High School, Ed Bortot.
Alberto Alday
Jairo Alvarado
Alexcia Apodaca
Benita I. Arrambide
Sergio Barrientos
Deja Begay
Makyle D. Brown
Ruben D. Chavez-Torres
June Lowe
Ever Nunez
Caitlin N. Paisano
Elizabeth Pena
Jair Puentes
Kevin Reece
Gabriel Salazar
Taina Toya

Representing Early College Academy, Pat Arguez.
Irene Ramirez

Representing eCademy Virtual High School, Shelley Marie Harris.
Zane I. Aldaz
Sarai J. Campos
Selena M. Holt
Haily M. Houghton
Darius Kessler
Caelan M. Markey

Representing Eldorado High School, Martin Sandoval.
Talon Bennett
Edwin S. Colon
Nathaniel Elebario
Mystika R. Garcia
Jihyun Lim
Tyler P. McLellan
Karenna Sandoval
Omid Shenwari

Representing Freedom High School, Esther Keeton.
Brianna Archuleta
Courtney R. Hughes
Angelica M. Martinez
Javier Morales
Ayden Peck
Michelle Ramirez
Gilbert L. Sena, Denisha Allen.

Representing Highland High School, Eliza Romero.
Carlos Pedro Guerrero Luna
Oswaldo E Loya Bejarrano
Karol Miller
Oscar Ochoa
Diana K. Perez
Kevin Peneda
Sarah Micahiah Galea

- La Cueva's next.

- Representing La Cueva High School, Brett Rimer.
Sarah Micahiah Galea
Alexandria E. Keaveney
Ju W. Kim

Representing Manzano High School, Karen Webb.
Leya Austin
Jacqueline J. Cardenas
Kyle Deeshchii'nii
Anthony A. Gallegos
Victor Martinez
Alexis Morgan
Angelina Padilla
Maranatha H. Sainte-Papouloute
Jason A. Villanueva
Rhianna N. Washington
Leanna A. Williams

- That's it for Manzano.

- Representing Mark Armijo Charter Academy, Bernadette Frietze.
Valeria Alfaro
Juan Ibarra
Briana Pacheco
Kenia Vasquez

Representing New Futures, Jinx Baskerville.
Lauren Chavez
Alexis Hermosillo
Megan Hoffman
Alyssa M. Padilla
Shyenne Singleton
Mia Tenorio

- That's it from. - Congratulations.

- Representing Rio Grande High School, Amanda DeBell.
Jesus M. Chaparro Ramirez
Juan M. Chavez
Rayna Chavez
Andrea Galvan
Fabian Omar Hernandez
Daniela Mauricio
Miriam Mayo
Anthony Najera
Jose G. Rodriguez
Elizabeth Romero-Navarette
Maria Angela C. Rubio
Mark Toadlena

- Do the RFK. - Should we get her?

- Yeah. - Now for RFK.

- RFK,
Silvia Mendoza-Rios

Representing Sandia High School, Larry D'Anza.
Gabriel A. Acosta
Ashley Emsley
Jody Gutierrez
Bruno Kunzle Savastano
Isabella C. Ojeda
Kaella J. Urioste
Hope Vivian
Tyler Z. Willingham

Representing-- - Oh wait, wait

- That's me.

- School On Wheels, Cliff Hannah.
Zoe M. Chavez
and from Southwest Secondary, Pia Harvey

Representing Valley High School, Anthony Griego.
Cinthia L. Alcantar
Elijah Barreras
Brandon T. Gutierrez
Isaiah Mestas
Analysia Moya
Cesar C. Quintana Macias
Roberto Rios
Justice Toomalatai
Tyrone Trujillo
Johnny Velasquez
Nayeli Villa

Representing Volcano Vista High School, Manuel Alzaga.
Sania U. Adkins
Paul C. Apodaca
Victor M. Arreguin-Jarquin
Kristina Cardoza
Cody J. Couch
Jake D. Deatherage
Joah Flores
Chloe Fraser
Kayla Goodgame
America Guzman
Fernando F. Hernandez
Xyan Hesuse
Vanessa A. Madrid
Matthew S. Mills
Isai Rivas
Isaiah Sanchez
Ethan A. Silva
Demetri C. Smith
Alexia Valles
Daylyn I. Wyatt

Representing West Mesa High School, Michelle Martinez.
Monique Apodaca
Ramon Bautista
Destinie E. Castro
Isaac Hinojosa
Azucena Lee
Brianna Lente
Jonathan Lorge
David Martinez
Mateo E. Mendoza
Christian Olivas
Celeste Pacheco
Miranda Y. Retana
Yessenia Robles
Isaac R. Russell
Bernardo A. Salazar
Jeremy Sandoval
Jesus Trejo
Jacob Venegas

Thank you.

- More like this.

- No I'm in the middle, so it's

(staff chatting in background)

We have one last thing to do.

(crowd cheering)

- Our 2019 graduates, please stand.

(audience cheer and applaud)

Graduates, at this time, please move your tassels from right to left.

(audience cheer and applaud)

- Graduates, please thank, join me in thanking parents, friends, family, school staff for supporting you and your accomplishments this evening.

(audience cheer and applaud)

- Parents, families and friends, please remain seated until the graduates have exited the theater. After the graduates have exited the theater, please join your graduate in the designated meet up areas posted in your program. Help me ladies and gentlemen, one last time, congratulate the Albuquerque Public School Summer School class of 2019.

(audience cheer and applaud)

(orchestral music)

- [Lady With Beige Top] Families, please wait for the graduates to exit.

(orchestral music)

Graduates: 2019 List of Graduates (PDF)

We wish to acknowledge APS Board Services and APS Police for their support with APS Summer School Graduation.

If You Believe

Your diploma means a future without boundaries,
a world that’s full of energy and fun.
So as you reach for all life has to offer, remember
that you’re second to no one.
Pursue your goals, yet keep your loved ones close,
as you utilize your talent and ambition.
Let your friends and family give you their support,
and you’ll master every challenging transition.
And always, know you can achieve the things you
really want, if you believe.
— Joanna Fuchs