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Eldorado High School

"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." —Nelson Mandela

Eldorado Graduation Transcript

(audience applauding)

(people murmuring)

MARTIN SANDOVAL: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the commencement ceremony for Eldorado High School. Let us please stand and welcome the class of 2019.

(audience applauding and cheering)

("Pomp and Circumstance")

(audience applauding and cheering)

Please remain standing for the presentation of colors by the Eldorado High School Marine Corp Junior ROTC and the National Anthem performed by the Eldorado High School Band. It is tradition at Eldorado that we stand in silence, gentlemen remove their hats, and that we remain standing until the colors have left the floor.

(drumsticks trilling)

("The Star-Spangled Banner" by Francis Scott Key)

(audience applauding)

(drumsticks trilling)

Seniors, please be seated. Audience, please be seated.

HANNAH NILSSON: The class of 2019 would like to extend a special welcome to our honored guests. Please hold your applause until all of the guests have been introduced.

RYAN OZATALAR: Troy Hughes, Associate Superintendent for Leadership and Learning, Zone 4.  Dr. Gabriella Blakey, Associate Superintendent for Leadership and Learning, Zone 1. Lucinda Sanchez, Associate Superintendent for Special Education. Dr. David Peercy, President of Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education. And Barbara Peterson, Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education.

(audience applauding)

SAMANTHA DEBEVEC: Martin Sandoval, Principal, Eldorado High School. Rachel Weihe, Assistant Principal, Eldorado High School. Casey Cooper, Counseling Department Chair.

(audience applauding)

DEVIN MARTINEZ: Tim Lutz, Senior Class Sponsor. Ken Ortega, Senior Class Sponsor. And Chelsea McCoy, Senior Class Sponsor.

(audience applauding)

EVAN O-CONNELL: Tejas Kandath, Salutatorian. And Lauren Harstad, Valedictorian and Student Body Historian.

(audience applauding)

HANNAH NILSSON: Sandra Casaus, Student Body President. Emily Symons, Student Body 2nd Vice-President. Mackenzie Hendrex, Student Body Treasurer. We would also like to recognize two other groups of Eldorado's guests. Eldorado's distinguished department chairs and cluster administrators who are seated on the floor to our left.

(audience applauding)

- [Woman] Let's go, Tejas.

TEJAS KANDATH: Lauren and I are very different people. Our high school experiences have been very different.

LAUREN HARSTAD: While I spent my mornings at zero hour for Senate, Tejas spent his weekends at debate tournaments.

TEJAS KANDATH: Lauren did her homework at home, as the word implies, whereas I always did my assignments the period before it was due, an equally valid strategy.

LAUREN HARSTAD: Ultimately, once we got into the swing of things, high school flew past us and now we are here at the end of the road.

TEJAS KANDATH: In these last few moments of your time as an Eagle, stop for a second and appreciate what it took to get to this point.

LAUREN HARSTAD: Among all of us here, some spent hours on a bus to band competitions, while others remained at school putting together enthralling tragedies and hysterical comedies.

TEJAS KANDATH: Many of us spent our Friday nights watching the football games and getting covered in colorful dust, while others spent a quiet night at home preparing for their next chess match.

LAUREN HARSTAD: Even though we are a diverse group of people and we all had different experiences, there are also many that we share.

TEJAS KANDATH: EHS, as many of you know, stands for excellence, honor, and spirit, something we were never allowed to forget.

LAUREN HARSTAD: We all wore the classic white and Texas orange at some point.

TEJAS KANDATH: We all had to spend way too much time in front of computers taking banal, superfluous, state-mandated tests.

(audience cheering and applauding)

LAUREN HARSTAD: And when the going got tough for us, we banded together as a community and always persevered.

TEJAS KANDATH: We are strong both as a group and as individuals.

LAUREN HARSTAD: And we hope all of you take that Eldorado spirit with you wherever you decide to go.

TEJAS KANDATH: We are an incredibly capable group of graduates and we know that the class of 2019 will go on to achieve amazing things.

LAUREN HARSTAD: The next few years will fly by, but we are confident that you can succeed wherever life takes you.

TEJAS KANDATH: Thanks for all of the adventures, the journey, and the time spent with us these past four years.

LAUREN HARSTAD: And always remember.

LAUREN HARSTAD and TEJAS KANDATH: (in unison) It's great to be an Eagle.

(audience applauding)

(people murmuring)

(audience cheering)

GIRL: Go Alexis!

("Seasons of Love")

♪ 525,600 minutes ♪

♪ 525,000 moments so dear ♪

♪ 525,600 minutes ♪

♪ How do you measure, measure a year ♪

♪ In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee ♪

♪ In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife ♪

♪ 525,600 minutes ♪

♪ How do you measure a year in the life ♪

♪ How about love ♪

♪ How about love ♪

♪ How about love ♪

♪ Measure in love ♪

♪ Seasons of love ♪

♪ Seasons of love ♪

♪ 525,600 minutes ♪

♪ 525,000 journeys to plan ♪

♪ 525,600 minutes ♪

♪ How do you measure the life of a woman or a man ♪

♪ In truth that she learns ♪

♪ Or in times that he cried ♪

♪ In bridges he burned ♪

♪ Or the way that she dies ♪

♪ It's time now to sing out ♪

♪ Though the story never ends ♪

♪ Let's celebrate ♪

♪ Remember a year in the life of friends ♪

♪ Remember the love ♪

♪ Remember the love ♪

♪ Remember the love ♪

♪ Measure in love ♪

♪ Seasons of love ♪

♪ Seasons of love ♪

♪ 525,600 minutes ♪

♪ 525,000 moments so dear ♪

♪ 525,600 moments ♪

♪ How do you measure a year in the life ♪

♪ In daylights, in sunsets, in minutes, in cups of coffee ♪

♪ In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife ♪

♪ 525,600 minutes ♪

♪ How do you measure a year in the life ♪

♪ How about love ♪

♪ How about love ♪

♪ How about love ♪

♪ Measure in love ♪

- [Man] Yeah!

(audience applauding)

HANNAH NILSSON: All right, good afternoon everyone. Friends, family, faculty, staff, and alumni, thank you all for being here. Any children left unattended will be sold and sequestered to Ms. Coughlin, so keep an eye out.

(audience laughing)

As for the class of 2019, let's congratulate ourselves on making it here. I'm Hannah Nilsson, your Senior Class President, and beside me is Ryan Ozatalar, your Vice President, Sam Debevec, your Second Vice President, Devin Martinez, your Secretary, and Evan O'Connell, your Treasurer. But you probably remember that from subtweeting us after our rained out Senior Sunrise and choice of class song. But never mind that, let's think about turning our tassels and beginning a new chapter of our lives. Not long ago, we were walking down the halls of Eldorado High School not knowing what to expect. We were confused by the three buildings we had classes in, as if it was a Texas orange labyrinth shouting EL at us. We soon moved onto very late nights and early mornings not knowing whether we would get a massive test, a lesson on the zoo with Ms. Birch, or a truck getting run into the side of vocational. Now that we are ready to move on from high school, we won't be able to see the familiar faces we see every day. We will be entering a new world we have yet to experience.

RYAN OZATALAR: We have all looked forward to entering this new world for the past four years. Now that it is here, you may be nervous or scared, but there is no need. Each and every one of you are gonna go on to do amazing things with your lives. We have persevered and matured so much since freshman year. We've had to deal with devastating events that have shaped our lives forever and brought us closer together. As we look back at those who've helped us get here, there is one thing that is for certain, your families are extremely proud of you, they are relieved, and this would be a most opportune time to ask for money.

(audience laughing)

I know everyone here is at least somewhat excited for what the future holds, even if you have no idea what you want to do or pursue. But by graduating from Eldorado, you are already on the right track to success.

SAMANTHA DEBEVEC: The road ahead of us won't be easy. There will be obstacles, missed exits, potholes, and speed bumps, although none as bad as the ones at Eldorado. There will be some mistakes, but maybe not as intimidating as 11th grade AP English. As we embark on the new adventure called growing up, we will succeed, fail, and grow. So best of luck class of 2019, and in the words of the great street poet Post Malone, congratulations.

(audience cheering)

DEVIN MARTINEZ: Whether you're going to college, joining the military, or going directly into the workforce, I wish you the best of luck, and I hope not to see any of you on Live PD anytime soon.

(audience laughing)

It was a hard four years, but we're more prepared for what the future holds. High school is now but only a memory, a memory some of us will choose to cherish and love, and some of us will choose to forget. It is time to turn the page and start a new chapter in our lives, a chapter which is more important than any we have ever faced. Although it may feel like we are done, this is just another break. We have to keep moving and become the successful people we are meant to be.

How was that? SAMANTHA DEBEVEC: That was good.

EVAN O'CONNELL: Every single one of us sitting in this stadium is a completely changed and different person compared to the first time you entered Eldorado. At this point you must decide what you bring forward and what you leave behind. Bring forward the lessons, not only taught by teachers, but also by your peers. Choose what was right and what was wrong and bring it forward. Leave behind flooding a gym. Bring forward those who supported you every day, those who smiled at you in the hall and greeted you every morning. Leave behind spending pointless all-nighters, at least for a bit. Bring forward the tools that you learned from being in clubs, arts, athletics, and other activities. Leave behind the unparalleled stress of Rube Goldberg. Bring forward the memory of those we lost, for they brought us together, and will not be forgotten. They bonded us, and with those memories, we will forever be Eagles.

(audience applauding)

RACHEL WEIHE: We would like to bring up Jocelyn Lawrence to perform Landslide.

(audience applauding)

("Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac)

♪ I took my love and I took it down ♪

♪ I climbed a mountain then I turned around ♪

♪ And I saw my reflection ♪

♪ In the snow covered hills ♪

♪ Till the landslide brought me down ♪

♪ Oh, mirror in the sky ♪

♪ What is love ♪

♪ And can the child within my heart rise above ♪

♪ Can I sail through the changing ocean tides ♪

♪ Can I handle the seasons ♪

♪ Of my life, oh ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Well, I've been afraid of changin' ♪

♪ 'Cause I built my life around you ♪

♪ But time makes you bolder ♪

♪ Children get older ♪

♪ And I'm getting older too ♪

♪ Hmm ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ Hmm ♪

♪ Well, I've been afraid of changin' ♪

♪ 'Cause I built my life around you ♪

♪ But time makes you bolder ♪

♪ Even children get older ♪

♪ And I'm getting older too ♪

♪ Well, I'm getting older too ♪

♪ So take this love and take it down ♪

♪ If you, if you climb a mountain and you turn around ♪

♪ And if you see my reflection ♪

♪ In the snow covered hills ♪

♪ Then the landslide will bring you down ♪

♪ And if you see my reflection ♪

♪ In the snow covered hills ♪

♪ Then maybe ♪

♪ Then maybe ♪

♪ Then maybe, maybe, maybe ♪

♪ The landslide will bring you down ♪

(audience applauding and cheering)


MARTIN SANDOVAL: Good afternoon. Welcome parents, family, faculty, honored guests, and the class of 2019. You, the class of 2019 represent the standard of excellence, honor, and spirit that make Eldorado High School one of our nation's best. All that each of you has accomplished has earned you the distinction of being called an Eldorado High School graduate. What you have learned to this point and what you do from this point forward will determine the impact you will have on the world around you. You represent the future leaders of our society. In order to be a true leader, you must have integrity, because true leaders are followers of what is true, what is fair, and what is right. Without good character, you would only become the type of leaders our society doesn't need.

You stand today at the end of one part of your lives. Your adolescence is over, and you are now poised to enter the adult world. Your entry into adulthood is rightly a cause for celebration, as adulthood is filled with new and often exciting challenges and opportunities. Adulthood is also filled with the responsibility to make our nation and our world a better place for the generations to come. Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie, whose father was a secondary education teacher, said, you cannot hope to build a better world without improving individuals. We all must work for our own improvement and, at the same time, share a general responsibility for all humanity.

The completion of high school is one major step towards improving yourselves as individuals, and your educational experiences at Eldorado High School will help shape your future role in our society. Important decisions must be made and goals must be set to help you achieve your objectives. In virtually every profession you might choose, there is some way in which you can show compassion, lend a helping hand, and make a positive impact in the life of another. You will all have to confront many uncertainties as you make decisions regarding your future. We all face uncertainties about the decisions that we make, but isn't decision making and problem solving what life is all about?

Life isn't easy. However, when difficult times come your way, face them with the same patience, persistence, and determination that you have demonstrated in order to get to this point today. All the difficulties you encounter throughout your life will become opportunities, opportunities to learn from your mistakes, opportunities to become stronger for having persevered through something difficult, and opportunities to better understand what is most important to you in life. Whether you are choosing to continue with your education, join the armed forces, or enter the workforce, most of you will venture out on your own, in some respect or another, and begin your adult lives.

Today you represent the next generation of young adults, and the world is and will continue to be a better place because of each and every one of you. Please remember that you are here today not only because of your efforts, but also because of the efforts of your parents, family members, and friends who have loved, guided, and supported you throughout the years. Please remember your teachers who, by virtue of the career they chose, have made a positive impact on your lives, an impact which will be evident in your future accomplishments. Today you have your wings, and graduation is the final push. Now you are ready to soar. On behalf of myself and the faculty and staff of Eldorado High School, I wish to each and every one of you a happy, healthy, and productive life, and I hope that you share your amazing talents for the good of all. Congratulations to you, the graduating class of 2019.

(audience applauding)

Dr. Peercy and Ms. Peterson, the class of 2019 has met all the requirements for graduation as set forth by the Public Education Department of the State of New Mexico and the Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education. They are fully certified for graduation. It is my pleasure to present to you the class of 2019.

(audience applauding)

BOARD MEMBER DAVID PEERCY: Well, on behalf of the Albuquerque Public School Board of Education, it's our great honor to accept this wonderful class of 2019 from Eldorado High School. Best wishes to all of you, and as you fly off to your wonderful opportunities in your future. So congratulations, class of 2019.

(audience applauding)

(audience members yelling)

- [Woman] Let's go, Becca!


- Tell me when. - All right, hang on.

- Go for it. - I'll wait for you.

(audience members yelling)

CASEY COOPER: Emily Abbott. (audience cheering)

Benjamin Aldrich.

Stone Anaya.

Christian Anaya-Leach.

Coby Anderson.

Collin Anderson.

Miranda Archuleta.

Jordan Armenta.

Noah Armstrong.

Portia Ashley.

Carmen Astorino.

Alan Avita-Mendiaz.

Elisa Baca.

Jakob Baca.

Matthew Baca.

Shelby Baca.

Allison Baker.

Quentin Baker.

Jonah Ball.

Cassandra Batchelar.

Graciela Beauregard.

Alesia Begay.

Justine Belin.

Marco Beltran.

Milana Benavides.

Jade Bennett.

Melina Bookert.

Vladislav Bragin.

Brandon Brane.

Devann Brane.

Kevin Brane.

Colexi Brazier.

Caleb Brooks.

Jack Brooks.

Julia Brown.

Miles Brown.

Dezmond Brundige.

Amanda Burdick.

Madison Cabagua.

Calen Callow.

Marcus Campos.

Mary Rose Campos.

Isaac Canales.

Taylure Canamar.

Lance Modesto Candelaria.

Ashleigh Carabajal.

David Carlson.

Seth Carlson.

Isai Carrillo.

Cameron Carter.

David Carter.

Jada Carter.

Erika Casares.

Sandra Casaus.

Natalia Cascante.

Sarah Catton.

Sydney Cawthon.

Alexandra Chacon.

Ivy Chacon.

Catalina Chapa.

Reuben Charlie.

Phat Chau.

Michael Chavez.

Daisy Chen.

Mckenna Chenette.

- Okay, slow down. - She's going.

Bryce Clark.

Connor Cleveland.

Gavin Connell.

Clarise Connolly.

Corbin Coon.

Autumn Costales.

Isabella Cuessy.

Felix Dagucon.

Hannah Dahl.

Alexis Darling.

Ashlee Davert.

Kobe David.

Audrey Davis.

Connor Davis.

Hunter Davis.

Paul Davis.

Carly Debevec.

Samantha Debevec.

Kevin Denis.

Jordan Dickson.

Dakota Dixon.

Whitney Dobro.

Natalie Donah.

RACHEL WEIHE: Diamond Duran.

Trey Duran.

Stuart Duranceaux.

Breanne Edgar.

Paris Eisenman.

Isabella Escobar.

Brianna Espericueta.

Mercedes Estes.

Reggie Eustace.

Tori Fabian.

Logan Fairhurst.

Jade Feudner.

Doreen Fidel.

Sean Fischer.

Brian Fitzgerald.

Mckinley Fox.

Tucker Franco.

Lillianna Fraschilla.

Joseph Fredrickson.

Chad Ganter. - Chad!

RACHEL WEIHE: Grace Ganter. - Grace!

RACHEL WEIHE: Daniel Garcia.

Isaiah Garcia.

Melissa Garcia.

Larson Genne.

Antonia George. - Hey, Toni!

RACHEL WEIHE: Colt Gibson.

Nathaniel Gonzalez.

Haylee Grant.

Thaddeus Green.

Lauren Griego.

Samuel Grosso.

Kaitlin Grosz.

Nicole Grumblatt.

Vanessa Gualeni. - Go, Vanessa!

RACHEL WEIHE: Kayla Gustafson.

Domiana Gutierrez.

Nilla Hail.

Sahara Hansen.

Makenna Harger.

Dylan Harvey.

Trinity Haworth.

Tatum Heller.

Mackenzie Hendrex.

Duncan Hernandez.

Joel Hernandez.

Valerie Herrera.

Allen Hewson.

Evan Hoagland.

Charlotte Hobbs.

Kaela Hollenbeck.

Samantha Jackson.

Daunte James.

Leigh James.

Amena Jameson.

Alexis Jaramillo.

David Jimenez.

Travis Johns.

Ashlyn Johnson.

Sem Jones.

Sophia Jones.

Athena Keough.

Joseph Khatam.

Morgan Krueger. - Yeah, Morgan!


Emily Kuehn.

Bryce Kyseth-Lytle.

Cesar Labastida.

Lauren Labbate.

Justus Lafever.

Anissa Lamb.

Hailey Lambert.

Callie Lanam. - Callie.

RACHEL WEIHE: Jocelyn Lawrence.

Sophie Lawton.

Alina Le.

Duyen Le.

Thanh Le.

Arwyn Lewis.

Johnathon Lewis.

Amanda Lin.

Kaden Lipscomb. - Yeah, Kaden.

RACHEL WEIHE: Ashlynn Little.

Camille Loonam.

Ashley Lopez.

Cortez Lopez.

Katarina Lopez.

Ramsay Lopez.

Zane Lowe.

Benjamin Lucero.

Estevan Lucero.

Maria Lumbrera.

Sasha Lupton.

Paris Luttrell.

Nathaniel Maese-Sandoval. - Yeah, Nathaniel!

CASEY COOPER: Andrew Magana.

Van Mai.

Cade Malone.

Isaiah Mambo.

Sam Maner.

Ahzeen Mansoori.

Jennifer Manteufel.

Mikayla Mares.

Isaiah Marez.

Jolie Marquez.

Christian Martinez.

Devin Martinez.

Estevan Martinez.

George Martinez.

Joslyne Martinez.

Madison Martinez.

Jeren Mathwig.

Cody Matthew.

Lilianna Mauldin.

Eric Mayger.

Dustin McCarthy.

Reilly McClanahan.

Justin McFarlin.

Madelynn McInturff.

Keegan McKenney.

Ross McMillin.

Michaela McNabb.

Isaiah McReaken.

Madison Medcalf.

Sarah Mellady.

Cinthia Mendoza.

Morgan Michael.

Andre Miller.

Aidan Mohns.

Maxwell Molina.

Marlena Mondragon.

Dominique Montanez.

Darien Montano.

Amnity Montoya.

Victor Montoya-Serecerez.

Zachary Moore.

Evangelina Moralez-Norris.

Riley Morlock.

Caleb Moser.

Daniella Moskola.

Iziah Najar.

Jaisen Narvaez.

Christian Navarrete.

Marcello Neria.

Danielle Newman.

Anh Nguyen.

Anny Nguyen.

Jordan Nguyen.

Kathy Nguyen. - Go, Kathy!

CASEY COOPER: Long Nguyen.

Ruby Nguyen.

Seth Nichols.

Hannah Nilsson.

Lane Norcross.

Alexandra Norman.

Meghan Oates.

Evan O'Connell.

Michael O'Dea.

Emillia Ojeda.

Elora O'Neil.

Cierra Ortega.

Ariyah Orton.

Jaide Osborne.

Eric Osmon.

Xea Otero-Symphony.

Ryan Ozatalar.

Ethan Pacheco.

Sophia Pack.

Hannah Padilla.

Jeanette Padilla.

Marisa Padilla.

Kimberly Paez.

Noah Pantoja.

Kobe Parra.

Nathan Patterson.

Daniel Perin.

RACHEL WEIHE: Maya Peterson.

Benjamin Peterson-Ross.

Nhan Pham.

Alexis Pierce.

Jonathan Pino.

Tristan Powell.

Abigail Pribisova.

Michael Prothero.

Shawn Prue. - Prue!

RACHEL WEIHE: Tyler Quintana.

Shyro-Asiamae Rabago.

Lester Racca. - Yeah, Lester, whoo!


Amaris Rael.

Pablo Ramirez. - Pablo!

RACHEL WEIHE: Jessi Rangel.

Antonio Rebolledo.

Wesley Reinig.

Rachel Rhykerd.

Alexis Riach.

Victoria Rich.

Jessica Robb.

Stephanie Robb.

Sophia Roberts.

Hugh Rodriguez.

Daniel Roman.

Caleb Romero.

Harrison Romine.

Ash Rounds.

Hudson Row.

Carlos Rowe.

Nathaniel Rowe.

Michael Russell.

Molly Russell.

Zachary Sadowski.

Krisca Salazar.

Alyssa Sanchez.

Alex Sanders.

Brendan Sanders.

Melanie Sandoval.

Eshban Saroea.

Madeline Schaub.

Joshua Schorr.

William Schroeder. - Yeah, Will!

- [Announcer] Ryan Schuster.

Brandy Seiler.

Camille Severson.

Allison Sherrill.

Abby Shoup.

Emily Sims.

Aidan Sisneros. - Yeah, Aidan.

RACHEL WEIHE: Cassie Skelton.

Gabriel Smith.

Logan Smith. - Logan!

RACHEL WEIHE: Meg Smith. - Yeah Meg, whoo!

RACHEL WEIHE: Shahan Sohail.

Joshua Souza.

Nikki Sparacino.

Connor Starr.

Ojigawehnotah Starr.

Garrett Storey.

Otto Strack. - Otto!

RACHEL WEIHE: Gracelyn Stubbs.

Daniel Sullivan.

Preston Sutton.

Matthew Swagerty.

Caleb Swayden.

Emily Symons.

Stephen Braxton Thornton.

Savannah Timms.

Erika Tolson. - Yeah, Erika!

RACHEL WEIHE: Zavdiel Toquinto.

Ashley Towndrow.

Ethan Townsend.

Kaylla Travelstead.

Thomas Treece.

Remsa Troy.

Justin Trussell. - Yeah!

RACHEL WEIHE: Dilara Tutar.

Stone Tyler.

Mariah Unruh.

Alexander Urban.

Kameron Valencia.

Jaden Valenciano.

Sofia Van Klooster-Rowey.

Andrew Vega. - Andrew!

RACHEL WEIHE: Jonathon Veretto.

John Vernon.

Kirin Vicenti.

Preston Vining.

Hannah Wallace.

Garrett Warren.

Jordan Webb.

Kenyan Welch.

Micah Welch.

Zachary Wenner.

Zackies Wesley.

Gavin Westfall.

Branden White.

Wesley Wichman.

Samuel Witkowski.

Rachel Wittwer.

Nathaniel Wolff.

Megan Wyss.

Conary Yescas-Bush.

Ashley Young.

Cody Zeck.

Morgan Ziegler.

Jace Zuniga.

Meagan Zuniga.

Our salutatorian, with a GPA of 4.857, Tejas Kandath. - Yeah!

(audience applauding)

RACHEL WEIHE: Our valedictorian, with a GPA of 4.95, Lauren Harstad. - Yeah, Lauren!

(audience applauding)

RACHEL WEIHE: At this time, I would like to introduce our Senior Class President, Hannah Nilsson.

(audience cheering)

HANNAH NILSSON: Graduates, please stand.

(audience cheering and applauding)

It is my honor to lead you as we share in our final act as high school students as we move our tassels from right to left.

(audience cheering)

Congratulations, you can throw your caps! Whoo!

(audience applauding)

RACHEL WEIHE: Mr. Thomas, Ms. Coughlin. Mr. Thomas, Ms. Coughlin, will you please lead our recessional out?

(audience cheering)

("Pomp and Circumstance")

Graduates: 2019 List of Graduates (PDF)
Class Flower: Carnation
Class Song: "Lean on Me" by Bill Withers

Top Students

Lauren Harstad, Tejas Kandath, Reilly McClanahan, Allen Hewson, Antonia George, Abigail Pribisova, Garrett Storey, Zachary Wenner, Travis Johns, Rachel Rhykerd, Madison Cabagua, Arwyn Lewis, Allison Baker, Evangelina Moralez-Norris,  Cinthia Mendoza, Otto Strack, Ashlynn Little, Audrey Davis, Ryan Ozatalar, Emily Kuehn, Jordan Webb