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eCADEMY High School

eCADEMY Graduation Transcript

SUSAN HEWATT: And there's no standing in the aisles allowed because we need to allow for room for the graduates to walk through. Please keep the aisles clear and we will begin in a moment. Thank you. Good morning friends, families and guests. We have come together today to acknowledge student achievement and success by celebrating the wonderful milestone of high school graduation. As a technology magnet high school in APS, eCADEMY is able to meet the needs of a wide variety of students from all over the city and surrounding communities of different ages, backgrounds, within our part time ConnectEd credit recovery program, our full time high school BlendEd Studio Program, our at home Independent Learning Program, and our Adult Diploma Recovery Program. Many of the students that come to our school have had life challenges and struggles that they have had to overcome in order to make it to this special day. We are proud to say our graduates will be moving on towards a positive future and have all been admitted to either a post-secondary school, the military, or a promising career. Please stand now and help me welcome the eCADEMY High School Graduating Class of 2019. At this time, I would like all of you to remain standing for the National Anthem. Thank you so much. You may all be seated.

ERIN EASLEY: Good morning It is my pleasure to introduce our special guests this morning. Please rise as I call your names and I'll ask that the audience please hold our applause until the end. Superintendent Raquel Reedy. Board of Education Member Candelaria Peterson. Patterson, I'm sorry Candelaria. Board of Education Member Barbara Petersen. Associate Superintendent of Leadership & Learning Zone 3 Yvonne Garcia. Executive Director of the Office of Innovation Deborah Elder. eCADEMY Principal Shellmarie Harris. eCADEMY Assistant Principal myself Erin Easley. eCADEMY Deans Mark Henton and Wes Hurley. eCADEMY Adult Education Program Coordinator Dane Weiler. eCADEMY Independent Program Coordinator Jackie Terrell. eCADEMY Instructional Coach Catherine Casaus. eCADEMY Special Education Department Chair Enrico Marselli. eCADEMY Counselors Susan Hewatt and Andrea Arellanes. I would like to now. Oh, you may all applaud for them. Thank you. And you may be seated. I would now like to introduce our student speaker from the eCADEMY graduating class of 2019. Please help me welcome Kylee Therkildsen.

KYLEE THERKILDEN: Thank you. My story may not be unique, but I am unique, and I sought out a unique educational experience. I was recently called unique and up until now, I believed being unique was something to be ashamed of but now I have learned that to be unique is to be beautiful, passionate, proud and adventurous. And today I want to take a moment to talk about my non-traditional school experience, my personal experience, and my future. Let's discuss my unique school experience. eCADEMY is what APS will define as a non-traditional school. With the small class sizes I was able to use and express myself in a way that I couldn't do before. And with a more, oh sorry. I apologize. And a more customizable class schedule, I was able to find a job that I have loved and maintained for two years. Now let's talk about my personal experience. One of the main reasons I moved to eCADEMY was due to the negative student body in my previous school. However, with eCADEMY everyone was in the same boat and whether we knew it or not, we all had a similar story to help relate to one another. Around the time that I transferred to eCADEMY, my family and I were going through a very tough time and because of that situation, going to school became even more difficult, however, I had teachers who took the time to check in on me and support me, I was able to stay motivated through the hard time. The choices I have made while being at eCADEMY have been nothing but positive, I have been able to do more and accomplish more. Finally, I want to talk about my unique future. To say I know exactly what I want to do with my life going forward would be a lie, but to say I am clueless would also be a lie. As it stands, I plan to attend CNM for two years to earn my Associates in Liberal Arts and then move to Western Washington University which is located in Bellingham, Washington, to finish my studies and graduate with a degree in Linguistics Anthropology. Now I understand that plans change and I will embrace those changes as they come. The lessons I have learned both in school and in my personal life have set me up for a more positive future. Today I have talked about my non-traditional school experience, my personal experience and my future. And before I end this speech and leave high school forever, I want to take a moment to thank my mom and my dad. In early January of 2018 my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and ever since that day, our lives became very difficult, but as of April 18th my dad has been officially declared cancer free. I know without their constant support I wouldn't be here today. And I also want to thank my counselors for giving me an opportunity to speak here today and to my teachers, for inspiring me and everyone here that when we put our minds to something anything is achievable. I want to part with this quote said by Winston Churchill. "History will be kind to me for I intend to write it." Thank you.

SUSAN HEWATT: Thank you Kylee. It is with great pride that we announce our two graduates with the highest GPAs of eCADEMY's class of 2019 are our Salutatorian, Ericka Sena, with a GPA of 3.695 and our Valedictorian, Seth Payson, with a GPA of 4.25. Congratulations. We will now honor our graduates of 2019. Graduates please come forward as your name is called to accept your diploma.

- Thank you.

- [Susan] Lauren Aguirre. Isaac Anaya. Alexandra Aragon. Guillermo Archibeque. Jeremiah Boone. Kavan Bowman. Danielle Cano. Jasmin Carmona. Ariana Chavez. Dominique Chavez. Mario Chavez. Micheal Chavez. Raissa Chavez. Patrick Conlon. Marissa Cortez. Ava Crowder. Kaiah Cumpian.

- [Man] Go Kaiah.

- [Susan] Deidra Daly. Pablo Duenas. Michael Dunn. Joseph Elder Jr. Luna Feliciano. Aaron Fortin. Lorenzo Gallegos. Francisco Gonzales. Jesus Gonzalez. Darian Helms. Carlos Herrera. Michael Hurley. Cassandra Jansson. Ethan Legate. Noel Lucero. Avionna Martinez. Mason Macera. Joe O'Brien. Jessica Ornelas. Jeremy Ortiz.

- [Woman] Go Jeremy!

- [Susan] Cassandra Padilla. Seth Payson. Natasha Pino. Distiney Pulido. Jasmine Ramirez. Iris Roldan. Matthew Sanborn. Aimee Sanchez. David Sandoval Solis. Kaneki Saraguard Skelton. Ericka Sena. Matthew Shelendewa. Kylee Therkildsen. Izaea Vigil. Zacharie Watteyne. Lauryn White. Tara Yannotti. Tristan Zottneck.

SHELLMARIE HARRIS: Good morning honored guests, ladies and gentlemen. A graduation ceremony is always such a special occasion: the culmination years of hard work; actualization of goals attained and acknowledgement of success achieved. So, it is only fitting that today we commemorate the road that we have all traveled together these last few years. The end result, ladies and gentlemen, of our coming together, keeping together and working together in spite of the obstacles that we may have faced along the way is the graduating class of 2019. We are so proud of the successes that they have made with the opportunities that they were offered. Congratulations, we are inordinately proud of you all! May your years ahead continue to be characterized by empathy, compassion, objectivity and a willingness to take risks. May you always lead by example and work hard and play straight. May your successes be many and your tribulations be few and far between. We wish you everything that you so richly deserved in the years ahead. It has been an honor and a privilege watching your progress and your success! Mrs. Raquel Reedy, Mrs. Barbara Petersen, Mrs. Candelaria Patterson, Ms. Yvonne Garcia and Ms. Deborah Elder, it is my honor to present eCADEMY's Graduating Class of 2019. This class has met all of the requirements for graduation set forth by the New Mexico Public Education Department and the Albuquerque Board of Education. They are fully certified for graduation. Please accept our Class of 2019.

BOARD MEMBER CANDELARIA PATTERSON: Okay I'm here, can we go? All right. So here we are. Good morning. It is my pleasure to be here with you today and I wanna thank and congratulate the parents who are here in support of your students, the principals, teachers and staff who have supported you and made a difference for you to be here today. So without further ado, it is my pleasure to accept in, okay. You know I don't have my teleprompter. Okay.


BOARD MEMBER CANDELARIA PATTERSON:  So yeah, on behalf of the Albuquerque Public Schools, Ms. Barbara.

BOARD MEMBER BARBARA PETERSON: We are absolutely thrilled to accept the graduating class of eCADEMY for 2019. Congratulations!


SHELLMARIE HARRIS: Graduates, please rise. At this time, you may move your tassels to the left side of your cap. Congratulations graduates! Friends and family, guests, thank you for attending our ceremony. I now present to you eCADEMY's High School's Class of 2019.