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COVID-19 News

Posted: April 13, 2021

Plan for Positive Cases

APS follows a strict protocol when students and employees test positive for the coronavirus.

Albuquerque Public Schools works closely with the New Mexico departments of health and public education to decide whether to close a classroom, a portion of the building, or the whole school and for how long.

As part of the protocol, school communities are notified about positive COVID-19 cases. This includes emailed letters through SchoolMessenger. Families may be frustrated by how vague the letters are, but please remember that we are obligated to protect the privacy of the infected individual. We cannot identify them, nor can we provide information about their medical situation.

Students and staff in close contact with individuals who test positive will be notified and are expected to quarantine for 10 days as required by the Public Education Department.  A “close contact” in a school is defined as:

  • All students and staff who were in the same classroom as the infected individual
  • All students and staff who were on the same bus as the infected individual
  • All students and staff who came within six feet of the infected individual (even while wearing a mask) for longer than three minutes.

Please remember that quarantining means avoiding all public contact, not just school-related activities.

It is strongly recommended that students and families who have been in close contact with an infected individual take a COVID-19 test. There are two free tests available to the public:

Students who test positive are asked to let the school know as soon as possible. Anyone who develops symptoms of COVID-19, including cough, shortness of breath, fever, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, or loss of taste or smell, are asked to call their healthcare provider or the COVID-19 Hotline at 1-855-600-3453, press 8.

We encourage students who are 16 and older to register to be vaccinated