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When the Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education voted to continue remote learning for most students through the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year, we archived information on the APS Reentry Plan. While the information is still available, it is no longer up-to-date. as of Feb. 25, 2021. The latest information can be found COVID-19 Updates for APS.

Reentry Plan News

Posted: December 8, 2020

Once Again, We Want to Hear from Our Students, Parents, Teachers

The next round of surveys will go out the week of Dec. 14.

Albuquerque Public Schools continues to survey its students, families, teachers, and principals to gauge how remote learning is going. Surveys are filling a void created by the constraints of the pandemic. We may not be able to come together to talk about what's working and what's not, but you can give us feedback by taking a few minutes to fill out the survey.

These latest surveys will be emailed from  via SurveyMonkey to families, teachers, and principals on Monday, Dec. 14. If you are a parent or guardian who hasn't received a survey, check your Spam folder and make sure you haven't opted out of SurveyMonkey. 

Student Survey 

Students will be asked to take a short, online survey during class the week of Dec. 14. Like last month's survey, they will be asked how they feel about school, rate assignments, if they have someone to help them with school work, and if they are having problems with technology. 

Family Survey 

The family survey will be pretty much the same as others we've sent, asking about their communication with teachers, time spent learning on- and offline, problems with technology and internet access, their ability to assist their children with learning, how remote learning is going for their child, and suggestions for improvement.

They also will be asked about student interest in virtual out-of-school activities and clubs. 

Teacher Survey 

The teacher survey, like last month's, will ask how synchronous and asynchronous learning is going, if they feel they were adequately trained, what additional training they need, and what they need to help them prepare to move to a hybrid model next semester.

Principal Survey 

Principals also are being surveyed to see how remote learning is going for their students and teachers. Their survey also asks questions about meal distribution, department support, training, scheduling, observations, and hybrid learning preparations.

Thanks for your honest input. It helps us do a better job on behalf of the students and families of APS.