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Reentry Plan News

Posted: August 7, 2020

Student Attendance, Engagement Matter

Even during remote learning, students are expected to go to class, engage in learning, and do their homework.

Once the 2020-2021 school year begins in red (remote learning), students will have a daily schedule that will include online classes, assignments, and, yes, homework.

The district provided guidelines for schools to create daily schedules that include core subject instruction, social-emotional learning, breaks, and time for teachers to reach out to students and their families.

The district's recommendation during remote learning is at least three hours a day of online instruction. Students also will have time to complete assignments, practice activities and meet with teachers when they need extra help or guidance.

Students are expected to attend their online classes daily and turn in assignments, just as they would during a more traditional school year. Attendance during remote learning is based on engagement. This could include logging into learning platforms such as Google Meets, See Saw, and Google Classroom. Students also may stay in touch with teachers by phone, email, and chat.

Students will be expected to turn in assignments that will be graded during remote learning. Grading is NOT pass/fail as it was during the spring semester when the coronavirus unexpectantly disrupted the last few weeks of the school. 

This school year, student grades will reflect mastery of subject content and completion of coursework. Teachers will keep students and families informed on their progress. Student grades also will be posted to ParentVUE and StudentVUE. 

Guidelines for schedules, attendance, and grading are outlined in the APS Reentry Plan.