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Reentry Plan News

Posted: February 16, 2021

Brain Breaks

Brain Breaks are short physical and/or mental activities that teachers and families can incorporate into student schedules.

APS Families Connected partnered with the Student Wellness team to create short and engaging Brain Breaks. The series, in English and Spanish, features activities for elementary, middle and high school students and families. 

Brain Breaks are just what they sound like -- a break from whatever a child is focusing on. They are short physical and/or mental activities that families can include into their child's schedule two or three times a day. Adding Brain Breaks throughout a child’s day has been shown to have real benefits for learning. They help reduce disruptive behavior and increase a child's ability to stay on task.

Along with the Brain Breaks, Families Connected produced a short video about physical wellness and how a healthy body supports learning.

Check out this Brain Break Video and watch more on the Families Connected YouTube Channel