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Reentry Plan News

Posted: September 9, 2020

ABQ Reads to You

A new approach to a long-time partnership between APS and the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce

ABQ Reads to You is now up and running on the Albuquerque Public Schools YouTube channel and the GACC website.

So far, nearly two dozen Albuquerque business leaders and Chamber partners have recorded read-alouds of children’s books -- in English and Spanish -- so students learning from home over the next few months can listen to the stories and read along with them virtually.

A partnership with Albuquerque Public Schools, the Chamber’s ABQ Reads program is starting its 17th year, but this year's approach is anything but traditional.

Ordinarily, Albuquerque Reads sends about 300 volunteers to three Title I schools for in-person and intensive reading tutoring for kindergarten and first-grade students. This at-home alternative keeps young readers progressing in their reading skills while they continue to learn from home during the pandemic.

Check out the videos from Comcast’s Chris Dunkeson, Wells Fargo’s Laurie Donovan, Bank of Albuquerque’s Kyle Beasley, Fidelity’s Leean Kravitz, and KOB’s Chris Ramirez, just to name a few.