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Posted: November 3, 2019

SAPR Continues to Grow with the Addition of Senior Data Analysts

SAPR is now staffed with four Senior Data Analysts. A relative new position to the district, data analysts have a general background in statistics, quick turnaround analyses, programming, and data visualization.

With the latest addition of Dr. Jessica Gross, Strategic Analysis & Program Research (SAPR) now has a team of four Senior Data Analysts. Dr. Kate Rusk, Rachel Kasper, John Clack, and now Dr. Jessica Gross, bring to the district a set of skills that has not existed in the past. Each data analyst utilizes their background in statistics, research methodologies, programming, and the latest data visualization techniques to conduct quick turnaround analyses for the district and community that have a strategic impact as the primary goal. Projects to date have included the APS Dashboard, the APS Internal Visualizations page, the Extended Learning Time Survey, the upcoming APS Atlas, and the Superintendent Survey Search Survey.