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Virtual Field Experience

The Virtual Field Experience is an online version of the Ecology Field Program for 5th graders.

Virtual Jamboard of the components of an ecosystem.

"What was your favorite part of the Virtual Field Experience?"

"Learning about the mountains and the animals."

"Being able to go outside, that was fun!"

"the soil cause it was cool and gave me some ideas of what i should do when i grow up"

"The animal tracks. Those were SO COOL!!"

"My favorite part was the whole thing."

Program Description

The Virtual Field Experience (VFE) is a special new program that began during the Covid-19 Pandemic, taught online on Google Meet, with outdoor components outside students' homes or in the schoolyard.

The VFE covers the majority of the same standards and concepts as our Ecology Field Program, beginning with our introduction to abiotic and biotic parts- producers, consumers, and decomposers, that encompass an ecosystem, and the connections between them. The program is also targeted to 5th graders.

Students outside doing City Nature Challenge activity during their Virtual Field Experience.Program Content

Before the program, students are expected to watch a video and do an activity about Abiotic & Biotic parts of the ecosystem. 

During the program, our instructors discuss the ecosystems near where students live and in the Sandia Mountains. They share and discuss natural objects such as skulls, scat, plant parts, lichen, fossils, etc.; scientific research tools, wildlife camera photos, videos, and more with the students. 

Students venture outside their homes to do 2-3 activities (alternate options are provided for students unable to access an outdoor space). Potential activity topics include consumers and their evidence, producer characteristics, habitat, weather observations, soil classification, rocks, simple scientific research, drawing, and journaling.   

Specific content during a particular program is up to each instructor, student interests, and any teacher requests.

Post-program, additional resources including pre-recorded videos, activities, and a virtual hike are provided for classes to extend their ecosystem unit.

The program duration is 2 hours.

Program Inquiries

As we transition back to in-person learning, our Virtual Experience is not as much our primary focus. For schools (outside APS) unable to attend an on-site or outreach program in person, contact Maggie Price to see about the possibility of a virtual program by emailing or calling (505) 281-5259 x0.