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ADA High-Risk (COVID) Request for Accommodations

COVID-Relate Accommodations

If you are interested in High-Risk (COVID) ADA accommodation, please follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1:
Submit Your Request for Accommodations

ADA High-Risk (COVID)
Request for
Accommodation Form

  • Fill out and submit the ADA High-Risk (COVID) Request for Accommodation Form online.
  • Who receives my request? Your request will be submitted directly to Lydia Craig, Human Resources Consulting Manager at REDW.
  • Will I receive a copy of my request? You will receive a confirmation email of your submission at the email address supplied in the form. Included in the confirmation email is a copy of your submission, and a link to the Medical Release Form.

Step 2:
Complete the Medical Release Form

Medical Release and Disclosure
Authorization Form -
High-Risk/COVID (PDF)

  1. Download and save the PDF file to your computer before filling out.
  2. Fill out the PDF file by clicking on a text field, and typing your information into the box.
  3. Print and then sign the Medical Release Form. By typing your name into the form as your signature, you are agreeing to the terms in the Authorization form.
  4. E-mail the completed form to: Lydia Craig, Human Resources Consulting Manager, REDW, .

ADA accommodations associated with COVID-19 include, but are not limited to:

  • enhanced PPE (gowns, face shields, gloves, barriers around work area)
  • temporary elimination of marginal job functions/opportunity to perform marginal functions remotely where possible
  • virtual meeting attendance
  • increased space between teaching area and student seating
  • move to a larger learning environment such as a gym or auditorium (when available/feasible)
  • installation of additional sanitizer stations, and
  • assignment of janitorial staff to clean and sanitize work area more frequently.

In rare circumstances, reassignment to remote work or a leave of absence may be approved as an ADA accommodation.

For more information:

You can reach REDW, LLC directly by emailing Lydia Craig, Human Resources Consulting Manager, at .

About ADA Accommodations

The Albuquerque Public Schools does not discriminate in the terms and conditions of employment on the basis of an individual’s disability. It is prerogative of the employer however, to determine an employee’s assignment and location. Accessibility may be taken into account in determining an individual’s assignment and/or location.

“Reasonable accommodation” for employees may include, but not limited to, the following where such would not impose an undue hardship:

  1. Providing physically accessible facilities needed by employees;
  2. Restructuring jobs;
  3. Acquiring or modifying equipment or devices;
  4. Providing assistance for certain non-essential job functions;

Employee grievances regarding disability issues are to be filed in writing, including the specific facts of the grievance and the alleged discriminatory act, with the Section 504Compliance Officer/Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator. Concerns that cannot be resolved informally will be addressed through an informal hearing conducted by the Superintendent’s designee. A grievant may appeal the outcome of that hearing to the Superintendent. At any time, a complaint may also be filed with the Office for Civil Rights or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission without reprisal by the Board or any of its employees or agents.

Any questions concerning employee disability issues should be addressed to the employee’s site administrator or the District Compliance Office/Americans with Disabilities Act Coordinator (505) 855-9852.