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Hood Cleaning Services

Bid No. 17-074, Contract Term Ends: April 23, 2023 (6 years)

Quote and PO Instructions

A quote must be received from the vendor prior to placing the order to ensure APS receives the contracted pricing.

When requesting a quote, provide the following information to the vendor:

  1. Contract with "Albuquerque Public Schools"
  2. The APS Sites "Ship To" address (your location)
  3. APS Bid 17-074MS Hood Cleaning Service
  4. APS Price Agreement Number
  5. List of items to be quoted
  6. Your contact information in case the vendor has a question regarding your request
  7. Upload Quote in Attach IT

Header Comments

The following information must be entered on the requisition in the “Comments to Print on Purchase Orders” section of the Header when using the APS Bid:
  • PA No.
  • BID No. 17-074MS
  • Hood Cleaning Services
  • Contract Term: 4/24/2017 - 4/23/2023
  • Board Approved: N/A
  • Quote No.
  • Quote Date
Hood Cleaning Vendors
VendorVendor No.PA No.Contact Information

Rujo Service, LLC

44617 14721 Jonathan A. Gonzalez
(844) 639-4115

Servpro of South Albuquerque

28091 14722 Tonya Smith

(505) 891-2345